Morocco City: Es-Savira

In 173 km north of Agadir on the coast, there is a beautiful fortress-port of Es-Savier ("fortress"), in the old days – the capital of Pirates Mogador, "With filing" Jimmy Hendrix famous in 1960-70. As a place of pilgrimage of Bohemia and Hippie from around the world, and at the moment – real Mecca surfers and divers.

The city is located on Cape, so the wind from the Atlantic is particularly strong there, which is good for athletes and bad – for swimsuits and lovers sunbathing.


Among the numerous historical monuments of the city most interesting, the former residence of Pasha (now here is Sidi Mohammedin Ben Abdullah), streets and houses in the Moorish style, the fortress walls surrounding the old medina, the main mosque, the bastions of El Bermil and El Bruch, sea doors (1769 G.) with a small wooden bridge, Bab El Sebaa ("Lion gate"), the picturesque port of Es-Saviir and, of course, numerous markets.

Es-Scuwira is the undisputed center of Moroccan art, here the mass of galleries located inside the fortress walls, among which the art galleries of Frederick Damgarda use the greatest fame and "Othello". Along Sighain Street Are Local Craft Workshops.

Around the city

In the vicinity of the city is the famous Purple Islands and the island of Mogador, as well as Dar Sultan ("Castle in the sands", End of XVIII B.), "marabou" (Mosque on the site of the tomb of hermit) in Sidi-Kauki, picturesque beach Sidi Harraz and numerous colorful Berber settlements.

How to get

Casablanca to Es-Saviruir can be reached by a comfortable bus company CTM or any other – cheaper, but less comfortable. From Marrakesh, it is best to go by bus railway company Supratours, departing from the city railway station.


Tourists are offered by Riada hotels (located in the old Moroccan homes right in the city) or hotels – villas (located outside the city walls). Here you can feel the real rhythm of Moroccan life. Such small hotels usually belong to Moroccan families who try to maintain a cozy, home atmosphere. Due to the high coastal wave, all hotels are located on 2 lines.

Cities Morocco Es-Saviir

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Cities Morocco Es-Saviir

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