Morocco City: Agadir

Agadir’s Best Atlantic Coast Center in the center of the Atlantic Coast is the best atlantic resort of Morocco, famous for endless sandy beaches and an excellent climate – the air temperature, even in December, goes down here below + 22 ‘, in the summer, thanks to the cool Canary flow, there is no exhausting heat and this 300 days a year the sun shines here.

Agadir can easily be confused with any Mediterranean European town: Women do not close faces here, and most passers-by on the streets are destined in Europe. "Old Town" there is no. Agadir is also an exceptionally convenient place to start excursion programs, especially in the south of Morocco.

Beach and entertainment

Agadir Beach stretches with a wide band by almost 13 km, almost anywhere can be found any of "marine" recreation types – marine fishing, windsurfing, diving, riding on purebred horses on the beach, golf, tennis, paragliding and others.

The resort has a huge selection of seafood: freshly sardines, perch, tuna, shrimp, lobsters and crayfish. In any restaurant, they are grilled with lemon or tangerine. Alcohol is sold everywhere and quite inexpensive. That’s just his sale ceases at eight in the evening.

Excursions (cost per person): City tour – $ 10, Tafraut – $ 40, "Inzegen Fantasia" – $ 17, Marrakesh (1 day) – $ 65, Marrakesh + Es-Savira (2 days / 1 night) – $ 110, Tassila ("Berber evening") – $ 25, Tarudnist (1/2 day) – $ 20, sufari on jeeps (1 day) – $ 75.

Sports equipment rental costs about 100 MDH per hour. Large hotels have their own rental points, and also organize excursions, walks and fishing (in particular, at sharks).

The most famous nightclubs – Atlas Club at the Sheraton Hotel 5 *, Papagayo at Tikida Beach 4 *, Biblos in Dunes d’Or, Jimmy’s Hotel Melia Medina Palace 5 *, Paradesco at the Argana Hotel, Popular Disco Flamingo at Agadir Beach Club 4 *+.

True Paradise and for swimwear and for surficists. Here are excellent conditions for water sports. In May, tournaments on water skiing and surfing.


Old buildings in Agadir are practically no, even traditional medina – in 1960. The old town was practically destroyed by a destructive earthquake. But full-fully ultra-modern hotels and administrative buildings, shady parks, well developed sphere of services, and a resort area with numerous boutiques, cafes, restaurants and shops stretched along the coast.


Cities Morocco Agadir

More than 40 hotels are located in the resort area near Agadir. There are hotels of famous world chains: SHERATON, MEDCLUB, ATLANTIC. Condition of hotels, service and service – at the European level. For tourists with a more modest sufficient, you can advise the four-star complex "Caribbean village".

Around the city

Around the city a huge number of exciting beautiful places – the famous Valley Sousse (Citrus Growing Center) and called "Mini Marrakesh" The city of Tarudnist in the East, the magnificent antiats mountain chains, deserted beaches between Tamrhaht and Taghazut in the north, a stunning beach at the city of Ualidia (between Safi and El Jadida), a beautiful town of Tafraut (about 160 km southeast Agadir), Jewelry Center – Berber The city of Tiznit in the south, and many other decent visits to the corners.

How to get

Airport Ai-Massira is 28 km south of the city. Between Agadir and Moscow – 5 hours of summer.

The bus service between Agadir and the airport is not very convenient (it is necessary to transplant in the neighboring town of inzegan), so it is better to use buses serving large hotels. Or take a taxi that will cost about 100 MDH. The road from the airport takes 20-30 minutes.

Cities Morocco Agadir

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