Moldova City: Chisinau

Chisinau (Chisinau) is a surprisingly green city on seven hills, stretched along the tributary of the Dniester, the river bull, among parks and lakes. The city was founded about 1436 g. and since then his story was saturated with events no less than the history of Moldova itself. Certificates of the long-hazardous times are embankment of 13 watchdog signaling posts, once built on seven city hills, as well as those found by the ruins of vintage fortresses.

The status of the historic city, the capital of Moldova is obliged to his center. Once in his borders, the whole Chisinau felt, and now only a small part of it, surrounded by a massive ring of new buildings of the 60-80s of the twentieth century. Despite the fact that Chisinau is a major transport center, it looks more like a provincial city than to the capital. The bombings of the Second World War destroyed nearly two thirds of the old buildings of the city, but it still preserved a variety of rich and majestic old buildings and cathedrals, ironically the history of mixed with faceless square buildings of the last century.

There are a large number of picturesque parks in the city, each of which is planned and built skillfully and love. Square Cathedral Square, Valya-Morilor Park with Theater Theater de Ware and offshore zone "Moldexpo", Valya-Tranndaphyrilor Park with a cascade of lakes and a museum of garden-park sculpture, Park La Verov with a cascade of ponds, connected by ducts, Parks Gidigich, Alunelul and Ryborn.

The picturesque shores of the artificial Chisinau Lake (before – the Komsomol Lake) – a favorite place of rest of the citizens. On its shores there are an exhibition of achievements and an open green theater capable of accommodation to 7 thousand. guests. There is a parachute club there.

On the hills "Old Chisinau" Masarakievskaya preserved (1752 g.), Rybnovskaya (1777 g.) and Blagoveshchenskaya (1807 g.) churches. They have a three-point plan characteristic of Moldovan medieval architecture and the so-called "Moldavian arch" – Two tiers of arches supporting drum with a dome.

Almost all the monuments of Chisinau, with the exception of monuments A.WITH. Pushkin (the poet held here years links) and Mihai Eming, – Military Memorials. Inside the well-kept urban park Stefan-Peter Mare (formerly. Pushkin) On the western side of the Boulevard of the same name, a monument to the Lordary (ruler) of the country and the National Hero Stefan Great, who led his people to prosperity and fame in the period of brief independence in 1457-1504. The monument was built on the draft sculptor Plamadyale in 1927., And in 1990-91. became the place of fierce clashes between Moldovan nationalists and supporters of the Soviet orientation (which led to the proclamation of the country’s independence). In March 1957, an alley of the classics of Moldovan literature was opened in the park – bronze busts of writers and social and political figures were installed on pedestals from red polished granite. Alley has become a beloved place of rest citizens and guests of the capital.

Monument to A. WITH. Pushkin – the oldest of the preserved monuments in Chisinau, it was installed in 1885 for funds collected by citizens on a subscription leaf (1 thousand. rubles gold), and is an accurate copyright copy of the top of the monument A. WITH. Pushkin installed in Moscow in Pushkin Square. Chisinau became the second after Moscow by the city, where they put a monument to the Great Poet. At the very fence of Park Stefan-people, the impressive building of the largest cinema of the country – Patria (Motherland), erected in 1947. German prisoners of war.

In Chisinau, there are two old cemeteries – Armenian and Jewish (the latter is known as the burial place of the victims of Chisinau Pogrom in 1903., In the 1960s, the lower part of the cemetery was demolished by the authorities). The only working synagogue in the country is also located in Chisinau not far from the city center. In the former choir synagogue today is the Chekhov Drama Theater.

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