Mexico City: Ushmal

Ushmal ("Built three times") – One of the important maya ceremonial centers in Yucatan.

The local historical monuments are simply countless – the great pyramid (100 m of length and 70 meters of the width with a height of more than 30 m), the pyramid of the wizard ("House of Dwarika") 38 m high, the well-preserved building of the ruler palace with his famous "Throne double-headed jaguar", Temple of Fallilos, Turtles House, Ball Game Field, Quarterial Monastery Monastery and Pyramid of the Old Witch.

In the evenings, paints of a light music show are bottled over the forest ruins of the Grand City, which gives this place a completely fantastic appearance.

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Cities Mexico Ushmal

Mexico. Ushmal (14.03.13)

Ushmal – Ancient Maja City. The history of the city is little known and the appointment of many structures is incomprehensible. The names of the buildings invented the Spaniards. Most buildings refer to 7-9 centuries. N.NS. Read more →

Capi4ca | March 2013

Merida, Chichen-Itza, Ushmal, Tulum

Merida – the capital of Yucatan. The city exists exactly as Merid since 1542 and built on an even more ancient Indian settlement. By the way, the capital can be called with the stretch read more →

Cities Mexico Ushmal

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