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January 21, 2014 our plane landed in Mexico City. Having done the first step in the ladder, and I and Grisiks all the body felt the warmth of this country.

First, only physically, then warm and the sun penetrated into our souls and everything twisted, it was spinning, rushed by gallop, taking us on the wave of new impressions and discoveries. So it began a semi-annual Mexican journey. During this time we saw so many cities that you don’t have enough fingers of two hands to count them. Yes, the city is far from the only sight of Mexico, but today it will be about them. Well, interesting?

Some of Mexican cities we liked more, some less, others left indifferent, and some and worse – did not fall to taste. I’ll tell you about everything, but I will start with the most lovers who have entered our personal Top 5 Sheboldasika and Andrewsix. To preserve some intrigue, I will start with the fifth place.

5th place: Oaxaca (Oaxaca)

Oaxaca – the city that the little tourist leaves indifferent. Preparing for the journey, you will read a lot of enthusiastic reviews about this town. And how else? Cute, cozy, squeezed between the picturesque mountains, he will offer bright colors of the streets, the bustle of the colorful markets and the wealth of numerous museums.

For me, perhaps, one of the most memorable moments was the fact that many buildings in the center of Oaxans are built from sandstone greenish tint, which in the rain becomes bright green. On some homes, they even specifically leave unscrupulous and unpainted fragments to be seen from which material they are.

4th place: Queretaro (Queretaro)

Keretaro became the first to our small colonial town. Probably therefore caused so much interest and positive emotions. For the first time we faced such an abundance of all sorts of temples and cathedrals, with narrow pedestrian streets framed by the colonial architecture and a whole rainbow.

3 place: Mexico City (Mexico DF)

Capital Mexico. Like not to all tourists. And I think they simply do not have time to understand this city, because for a day or two little things you can have to see and feel. Here you need the dimension, time and desire to explore more and more new areas. Mexico City Very different: Historical Center, Koyoacan, Colony of Roma, Kondes, San Angel – All these areas are equally different from each other.

The capital is really huge! Here you will find everything: famous for the whole world of museums, abundance of colonial architecture, noisy markets, skyscrapers, lush parks, poor outskirts and this is not the entire list.

2nd place: Guanajuato (Guanajuato)

Guanajuato – One of the most unusual Mexican cities that have met on our way. This is a city-labian – never guess where you find yourself in the next moment. Struck up narrow streets, then raging up, then rapidly running down and numerous tunnels, along which pedestrians can move on a par with machines.

In addition, this is the city of Cults Don Kiheot, avid theatrons and street orchestras. In general, it will not be boring!

1st place: San Miguel de Allende (San Miguel de Allende)

So got to the most. Meet – San Miguel de Allende. Calidoscope city. The city in which it is not possible not to fall in love! Some foreigners this feeling is so capturing that they move to live here. Many argue that this city has a certain European spirit and a special charm.

San Miguel is so multicolored and cozy that seems toy. Believe me, it is very photogenic and no doubt is worth paying him a day or two.

Here is such a top 5. Lovely, it’s not true? To be honest, choose from all the 17 cities that we visited, only five – The task is not easy. Given that Mexican cities are very different (although for many and inherent in common features), I will tell in brief and about the rest.

So, in what other cities we visited?

Puebla (Puebla)

While we got to Puebla, there were many enthusiastic reviews from Mexicans, praising this city as one of the most beautiful and interesting. Unfortunately, their ODY and our impressions have spread a bit. I won’t say that Puebla caused some negative emotions or did not like it at all, but after Guanajuato and San Miguel, she seemed somewhat faded and boring. I think the fault of everything contrast. Wide not too cozy streets, the lack of the already familiar bright buildings played not the last role. But Puebla has his face – Talavera. What it is, you ask? This is a special kind of ceramics. Masters do everything: from the decorative tile (of which half of the houses are decorated in the city) to breathtaking souvenirs and dishes.

Chaulula (Cholula)

Cheollah plunged near Puebla. This city is famous for the fact that within its limits, curious tourists will find the largest pyramid on the territory of Mexico. More precisely, the hill inside which this pyramid hid. On the top of the hill there is a cathedral – Cholly business card. However, as it turned out, a large pyramid is not the only sight of local edges, the town itself is also very pretty, especially from the height.

Veracruz (Veracruz)

Here it is – Almost the only city that has become disappointment for us. How romantically sounds his name and how little it hides. Veracruz – A port city that is not distinguished by the exquisite architecture, romantic sea landscapes and the cultural component. You can safely miss it, making up a list of cities required for visiting.

Puerto Escondido (Puerto Esconido)

Puerto Escondido – it’s not even a city, but rather a big village. His role – serve tourists who have decided to relax on the Pacific Coast. One street, along which a series follows restaurants, souvenir shops and tourist offices, a few large hotels and an axampy more modest – that’s the whole spa town.

San Cristobal de Las Casas (San Cristobal de Las Casas)

San Cristobal turned out to be the coldest city in which we visited Mexico. Thanks to this, he will definitely remember for a long time. The fact is that it is in the mountains and even in the summer there is very cool. Do not be surprised if you see in the hotel rooms for some woolen blankets on the beds – They will be useful.

I note that cold – Not the only distinctive feature of San Cristobal. Individuality It gives tiled roofs, high mountains and indigenous people – Indians. If you are lucky with the weather, the city will bring a lot of impressions. Yes, by the way, for some reason, numerous hippie.

Palenque (Palenque)

Cities Mexico Top-5 Sheboldasika and Andrewsix

Regular town. Absolutely nothing notice. Hotels, Hostels, Shops & Restaurants. No museums, beautiful architecture or something like this. The main advantage of the city of Palenk is that he is located next to the archaeological complex of the same name. For the sake of the last tourists and look at this facelight.

Campeche (Campeche)

City-surprise. Somehow I have already mentioned that the historic center of Campch is similar to the set – All houses look like artificial scenery. Surprisingly, this feeling almost coincided with reality: only the facades were left for many houses, for which emptiness.

Mostly Camper is known for the fact that this is a city-fort, whose main task was once defense from pirates. Romance, and only!

Merida (Merida)

Another city, praised by Mexicans. Strange, but the situation with Puebla was practically repeated – We did not divide the enthusiasm of local residents in relation to Merida. I will say even more – We and Andrews this city did not like this city at all. Big, noisy, siety, false, without individuality. However, it is most likely to call here, because in the vicinity there is a lot of interesting things.

Valladolid (Valladolid)

Surprisingly cute and pleasant township, from which we did not expect anything. Involuntarily think about the less you are waiting for, the more you get. Valladolid is quite small, but atmospheric: living in the central square, an elegant cathedral, bright streets, even the Seatota is available in a city trait. Plus, in the district a whole collection of interesting tourists attractions.


Everyone knows about the resort Cancun, dear hotels and cool entertainment and few people know that a completely ordinary city is adjacent to all this wealth. His main and indisputable plus is that it allows a budget stay on the most expensive Mexican resort. That’s all. You can not even try to find something beautiful and special.

Playa del Carmen (PLAYA DEL CARMEN)

Another resort town, adjacent to the beaches of the Caribbean. He will offer kilometers of hotels, cafes, souvenir shops and restaurants. Many claim that in terms of rest, Padai-del Carmen is even better than Cancun – Merry and cheaper.

Forbidding you travel around the cities of Mexico, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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