Mexico City: Acapulco

City-Port Acapulco – famous "Night capital" Mexico, City of Entertainment, Show, Casino and Restaurants.

The core of the tourist life of Acapulco – Laguna Pie de la Cousta with excellent beaches and restaurants on the northern outskirts of the city.

Also interesting Spanish fort San Diego (XVII-XVIII centuries.) In the historic center of the city, the municipal area of ​​Sokalo, where you can see the beautiful Cathedral of De La Soledad, the Park of Water Attractions, Colorful Show "Fiesta Mexican", Walking on ships along the coast with dinner and shows, famous divers from the rock in La Kebrada (45 m), discos, restaurants and much more. Acapulco coastal waters are very rich in love.

On the shores of the beautiful natural bay of more than 20 municipal beaches for every taste (all the beaches are open and have a free entrance). Best Places for Swimming – Beaches Cares, Pi de la Cuesta and Caletilla in the Old Acapulco district, as well as a fashionable Condez Beach.

Here you can hire a fishing boat or a boat with a glass bottom and go to the resort of Rockhet, where an extensive zoo is located, or to the De Las Playas Peninsula, to the Altar Guadalupe.

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Cities Mexico Acapulco

Mexico: Acapulco

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Acapulco: Bulk Life Mail Resort

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Cities Mexico Acapulco

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