Martinique City: Saint-Pierre

Saint-Pierre until 1902 was the capital of Martinique. On May 8, 1902, the eruption of the Montan-Pele volcano (1397 m), 40 times stronger than the explosion of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, almost destroyed the city. Of the total of more than the thirty thousand Saint Pierre, a single person survived – a prisoner prisoner.

The city, which was considered the most beautiful place of West Indies, almost ceased to exist, but gradually was restored. However, the capital of the island was postponed to Fort-de-France, and Saint-Pierre remained only the shadow of his former majority.

Cities Martinique Saint-Pierre

It is worth visiting the local Museum of Wolcanology on Ryu-Victor Hugo, the ruins of the Old Theater, the House-Museum of the Gajen field, the ruins of the city prison and the city warehouses of Cartier du-shine and the long sandy beach of Ens-Terrin south of the city.

To the north of the city, the limestone cliff Tombe-de-Carabes rows, known for the fact that here in 1658, not wanting to obey European colonizers, committed suicide to the last leader of the Kariba tribe. Also in the vicinity of Saint Pierre Interesting Emerald Bay Ens-Couples with a Great Beach, Ruins of Chocolate Plants, Luxury Beach of Black Volcanic Sand Ens-Siron, Old Tobacco Plantation Habietishn-Seron, as well as Coloring Old Villages Ens-Belleville and Le Preshort.

Cities Martinique Saint-Pierre

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