Martinique Cities: Fort De France

The capital of Martinique island, Fort-de-France (Fort-De-France) is considered the largest and most cosmopolitan city of French West India. "Little Paris", As the locals themselves are often called, and really very colorite – the narrow streets run from the Baye de Flamins bay and the rivi-madam river between the colorful mansions in the colonial style, numerous parks occupy all not occupied by the city building of the patch and give the city a characteristic green look , here and there over the panorama of the city rises the domes of churches, and office buildings and a variety of port facilities are completely lost among shops and cafes, so characteristic of the streets of Paris.

The center of the city is considered to be a large park of La Savan, a blowing fountains, palm alleys and open concert venues. From the south-east side to the park, Fort Saint-Louis is adjacent (1640 g), who once defended the city from pirates. Another picturesque place of the city is a large Floral Park ("Flower Park"), where you can safely take a walk among palm trees and eucalyptus, and make purchases in the noisy public market or on a small fish. The attractions of the form-de-France also include the beautiful Scholherscher Library building with a dome in Byzantine style, Cathedral of St. Louis (1895 g), Palace of Justice (1906), Museum of the Archeology Department, Regional Museum of History and Ethnography, as well as a wonderful Aquarium.

Cities Martinique Fort de France

Rut de la-Tras deserves the root de la-de-de-de-french tourist trail, looping through a virgin tropical forest from high tree ferns and palm trees on the eastern slopes of volcanic peaks by Python du-karbe. The main attractions of the route are the magnificent Botanical Garden of the Jardin Balat, stretching at 10 km north-west of Fort-de-De France, Church of Balat (1928), which is an almost accurate copy of the famous Paris Basilica Sacre-Ker, "The most high mountain" Settlement of the country – Morne Rouge (450 m above sea level), as well as cascades of waterfalls on the Alma River.

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