Malta city: Victoria (Gozo Island)

The only major landmark of Victoria (Rabat) is a huge fortress of the citadel (readdella, XVI in.) on top of a steep hill in which people still live. The citadel is located folklore, archaeological, natural and cathedral museums, as well as the Cathedral of the Investigation of the Virgin Mary (1697-1711.) and the chapel of St. Giuseppe.

From the heights of the citadel and bastion of St. Michael opens a majestic view of the whole island.

The church of St. Francis, the Basilica of St. George (XVII in.), Bishop Palace, Palace of Justice, Center Crafts in the Complex of the Old Prison, Randle Gardens.

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Victoria. Gozo Island. Types of city with Citadel

Visit the Citadel must be needed, if only because there are free entrance and from there, views of the capital of the Island of Victoria and other places of the island. Read more →

Tht55 | August 2015

Cities Malta Victoria (Gozo Island)

Victoria. Gozo Island. Malta – on the way to the Citadel

The capital of the island of Victoria is located very well in the center of the island, from here you can travel around the island on any bus routes, or walk well in the city itself. Read more →

Tht55 | Summer 2015

Victoria. Gozo Island. Malta – Museum "Il-Hagar – Gozo’s heart"

In my personal opinion I will say that the museum is not very interesting, small. Visit worth it if there is time being in the city. The museum is near the Basilica of St. George reading →

Cities Malta Victoria (Gozo Island)

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