Malta City: Mdina – Rabat

Here and in the nearby Rabat (Divided from Mdina just the street Muizum Road) are the Cathedral Museum, in which unique works of arts are exhibited, including the collection of Durer’s works, which has the shape of the Cross Cathedral of St. Paul (1575 g.) and the eponymous grotto, Norman House (Palazzo-Falzon), the main gate of the old Mdina, Greek gates, the palaces of Archbishop, Inguaneses, Saint Sophia and Verdala (1586.) Baskett Gardens, Carmelites Church, Torture Museum, Roman Villa with Museum of Roman Antiquity, Museum of Natural History in the Palace of Manuel De Vilen, Underground Necropolis of Catacombs of St. Agatha, Reselle de Cataldo and St. Paul, Cremona Art Gallery, Palazzo -Constanto (XVII in.) with an extensive assembly on the history of Middle Ages and ancient fortifications on Bastion Square.

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Mdina – City of Silence

The most amazing thing is that Mdina is still inhabitants. Until now, siblings know the nobility in this historic place, somehow they embed to these centuries-old houses of the Civilization. Read more →

Katievifphoto | April 2016

Cities Malta Mdina - Rabat

Mdina. Walk through the former capital

The city is actually very small and in a circle it turns out very quickly. The only thing that can delay this museums and cafes. Read more →

Tht55 | September 2015

One Cruise Day in Malta. Mdina

Parking in Malta was from early morning and until midnight. You could have a lot of time, a lot where to go. Yes what to say, at least the whole island. We just walked around Mdina. Read more →

Cities Malta Mdina - Rabat

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