Madagascar City: Tuamasina

Tuamasina is the largest port of Madagascar and the second largest city of the country. Alternatively, the port of the port in which ships from all over the world are found, the city of mansions in the colonial style and numerous bazaars, Tuamasina attracts thousands of guests.

The attractions of the city are considered a huge central market ("Bazaar-B") and the large market of Kolya, Town Hall on Independence Avenue, column area, "Miraculous tomb" Belasiet, Palace of Children, University Museum and Old Colonial Quarters.

The neighborhood of the city is the greatest interest – 11 km from Tuamasina, the Royal Fortresses in Mahavelun and Vukhimasina are located, the royal fortresses are located in Mahavelun and Vihimasina, and the holy grotto of Andavakandrekhi with Becimisarak, and in Farafati – the Ruins of the largest fort in the Fort region.

In the vicinity of the city a lot and excellent recreational areas – Balneological resort Fulpunte (Mahaveluna), Marine Resorts Manda Beach and Mahambou. And in the ocean, Nursi-Il-O-Prun, Nusi-Burach (Saint-Marie or "Women Island"), Madame, Il-O-Natt and others who are excellent beach resorts. A natural complex in the area of ​​Saint-Marie Cape is unique, where, under the influence of strong winds, wood vegetation formed a dense ground carpet from millions of horizontally arranged twisted trunks.

Cities Madagascar Tuamasina

No less good Bay Antuneguil and Masual Peninsula, in the area of ​​which the most thick forests of Madagascar are concentrated, which are considered one of the last primitive rainforests on the planet, Sambava and Antalach – Centers for the production of vanilla and spices, "Hunting Paradise" – Lake Ampakhana, Maudzeli Reserve and T.D.

South Tuamasina lying "Water region", Panganalan surrounding channel – a whole system of rivers, lakes, swamps and other reservoirs, united by watercourses with the channel itself. Relic rainforest, inhabited by myriads of living inhabitants, covers this area almost entirely, which allows organizing regular environmental tours here.

Cities Madagascar Tuamasina

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