Madagascar City: Mahadzang

Mahadezanga, located 560 km of the North-west of the capital, on the shore of the Mozambique Strait – one of the oldest cities of the country and the former capital of the Kingdom of Busina.

Nowadays, this is the second largest port of Madagascar and one of the largest shopping centers with an interesting architecture, as well as one of the best resorts of the country.

The city’s attractive buildings of the colonial era, the mosque and the Arab trading rows in the old town, two mosques on Mahabibu Street (all of them are about 20), the sacred Hill Duani (there is a reliquary of the four kings of the buyne), Andruva Hospital, ancient post, former residence Governor (in our day the municipality), the remnants of the royal fortress of Ruva, a huge baobab age about 500 years opposite the observation deck, "Cemetery of ships" In the old port, the local history museum of Akiba, the House of Crafts, the regional center of Malagasy artistic crafts, colorful markets Mahabibu and Tsaramandruzu, as well as the Armang and Anbuvuanan entertainment quarters.

Cities Madagascar Mahadzunga

In the vicinity of Mahadzangi, the natural circus is interesting (3 km from the city), the reserves of Marutandran, Ambukhidzanachari, Bemariva, Ankarafanzik and Namurukka, as well as an experienced forest station Ampidzurua and the Sacred Lake Radalube and Mangaca. 80 km from Mahadzangi are the grottoes andzuhib and waterfalls of Mahafanina.

For recreation, the island of Radam, the beaches of Grand-Havua-d’MBurwawi beaches (8 km north of the city), Katsepi and Beani Bay.

Cities Madagascar Mahadzunga

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