Cities of Lebanon: Tire

Tir – the legendary city founded by the Phoenicians and repeatedly mentioned in the Bible. Located in the south of the country, this ancient city knew different time and different rulers, but all the time remained the center of Mediterranean trade.

The old part of the Tira is located on the peninsula, the new city is located on the mainland, although in ancient times everything was exactly the opposite.

The ruins of the ancient city with the hippodrome are preserved (II in. N. NS.) in the southern part of the tire, aqueduct and carved in the rocks of necropolis with stone sarcophagi and bas-reliefs, the Roman road and a huge triumphal arch, decorated with marble mosaic of the street and colonnade, the Colosseum and the Palace of Eshmun, the ruins of the temple of St. Cross (XII in.) and two ports built by the king of chiram, the ancient Phoenician burials south of the Tire, as well as the extensive area of ​​the archaeological excavation of Al-Mina, which every year opens up all new and new pages of the city history every year.

Cities Livan Tir

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Cities Livan Tir

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