Kenya City: Mombasa

Formerly until 1906 the capital of Kenya Mombasa, is one of the oldest cities in Africa and one of the richest ports of the era of great geographical discoveries.

Located on the island and connected to the mainland dams, it still retained the appearance of a medieval city, in which European, Arab, Persian and African traditions are buggedly connected.

It is interesting here at home of the old city in Arabic style, Portuguese fortress Fort Jesus (XVI in.), Summer Residence of the President of Kenya, as well as Oasis Mzyima Springs. Modern seaport in Mombasa – the second largest African port after Cape Town.

But the main thing is for which tourists come to Mombasu – multi-kilometer beaches north and south of the city. Here, on the shores of the Indian Ocean, among the shady palm groves, a variety of first-class hotels and entertainment complexes are built. The most popular beaches in the area of ​​the town of Lama, Kikambala resort zones and Vatama, as well as near Nyali, Malindi, Pat, Gedi, Bamburi, Shanza, Kilifa and Mombasa.

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Kenya, tips off

When Kenyans asked what their favorite park, everyone told us about Masai Mara and Samburu. Sambour called even more. One of these parks must be included in Safari. Read more →

Cities Kenya Mombasa

marbre rose | February 2014

Kenya – Ocean and Safari

The first shock from the visit of Kenya we got as soon as they came out of "Sleeve" To the airport: a corridor of a virtuous view of insects – mosquitoes, huge grasshoppers, ten-centimeter dragonfly read more →

Santippe | November 2012

Kenya alone

Khweza Bed and Breakfast Hotel, price per night on three $ 85. The hotel is good, but not chic, breakfast on the roof of the hotel, but the location of the hotel is not very convenient, from the center to go for 20 minutes on foot. Read more →

Cities Kenya Mombasa

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