Cities of Iran: Shush (Susa)

Shush – One of Iran’s Pearls. Located 117 km north-west of Ahvaz, this town has not attracted any attention for a long time – deep province, almost complete lack of attractions and a very hot climate. Everything has changed in 1852., when English archaeologist in. Loftus guessed that the Persian town Shush and the biblical capital of Elama Suza – the same.

Since then, numerous expeditions have discovered here the ruins of a huge citadel, many colonnade and buildings of the era of Darius and Xerxes, complex of buildings "Royal City", Acropolis, the majestic statue of Darius of the Great (is now kept in the Archaeological Museum of Tehran), many amazing ceramic products by the age of v millennium BC. NS. to the Islamic period, copper and bronze items of different eras and a huge number of clinbow tablets.

Cities Iran Shush (Susa)

Nowadays, you can see the grave of Daniel (the estimated burial place of the legendary prophet), many of the bridges of the ancient period, located near the Zikkurat of Hog-Ambil (entered the UNESCO World Heritage List, 48 km east of the city), as well as the second city of Iran – Shushtar , remnants of irrigation facilities, ruins of the castle VIII in. N. NS., Residence Daria – Apadan, ruins of workshops, shopping area and much more.

Cities Iran Shush (Susa)

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