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On the road between the bam and the capital of the country, 1062 km south of Tehran, the city of Kerman is located – the capital of Iranian carpet and one of the most attractive cities of the country.

Founded in III in. N. NS. The city has always been famous for his pistachios, carpets, silk and weapons, which determined his fate. A major shopping center, at the end of the 18th century, he was almost destroyed by an earthquake and the troops of Aga Mohammad, Shah Kajara, but quickly restored his greatness, and our one of the richest cities in the country.

Kerman’s property is considered to be a Hammam complex (bath) Hange-Ali Khan, the palace complex Shah Nematulla-Vali, lined with tiles of several shades of the blue Friday mosque Masjid-E Jam (XIV.), Melk Mosque, Mosque Masdzhid-E SAIB OZ-Zaman (XVII in.), huge tower Honbad-E Dzhabali (Hongbad-E Gababi or Jabal-E Sang), Halbad-E Tower Mosha (XIX.), Madrasa Ibrahim-Khan (1816-1817.), Mausoleum Shah Nematulla Vali, Mausoleum Khaje-Atabein, scenic garden Shahzad (Tank), the Anglican Church of St. Andrei and, of course, Local Bazaar Vakil (1859-1866.). It goes without saying, it is most profitable to buy carpets in the Kerman Bazaar – here they are produced, right there and sell, because prices are quite low, and the choice is huge.

You can visit the Museum of the Kerman Diocese, the Hange-Ali Khan Museum, the Kerman Defense Museum, the Museum of the famous Iranian painter Ali Akbar Sanati-Zade, Private Museum of Sanati and Ethnological Museum in the building of the old teahouse. In 35 km south of Kerman lies the sanctuary of Mahan with a beautiful garden Tank-E tariffs.

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Hiding Iran: Kerman

Kerman turned out to be expecting a hole hole. It is located on the severity of almost all tourist routes. To his dignity can be attributed to the fact that it is not far from the city of Reion’s abandoned city – where just unreal landscapes on the background of the mountains. Read more →

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