Iran’s cities: Hamadan

Hamadan is one of the most ancient cities in the world, the capital of the Midydi kingdom and the first capital of ancient Persia, one of the centers for the development of civilization and the birthplace of numerous Persian dynasties, in our days – the capital of the Iran of the same name. The city lies at the foot of Alvand Mountain, at an altitude of 1,829 m above sea level, 400 km south-west Tehran. Now it is a major trading and industrial center of the fertile region, famous for a pleasant summer climate, a lot of interesting places and green gardens.

In Hamadan, there are Mausoleum and the Museum of the Philosopher and a doctor Avicenna, Jewish Mausoleum (considered the grave of the legendary esfyri and mordepete), the grave of mysticism and Dervisha Baba Taher (1019., Restored in 1970.), Mosalla Hill on which you can find the ruins of the Parthian Citadel and the anchita Anahita’s anachita temple, Parfyan Stone Lion Sang-Shir in the city park of the same name, the rocky bar-reliefs Ganjnaam (II-II-III centuries. to N. NS.) On Mount Alvand, Hakmatan Hill with ruins of defensive structures of the mussel period, intensively studied by archaeologists Daria Palace (521-486. to N. NS.), Mausoleum Honbad-E Alavian, in which members of the Alawi family, who ruled Hamadan, was buried for two centuries, the Burj-E Tower (XII in.), as well as the Museum of Natural Science of the University of Bu-Ali and the Hekmata Museum.

Cities Iran Hamadan

The neighborhood of the city also deserve attention. Thousands of tourists attract such objects as the picturesque valleys of Morad-run and Abbas Abad, Ali-Sad Caves (75 km north of the city, one of the most extensive caves of the world), Cave of Alisand (75 km north-west Hamadan), Goncharov Village Lalen, The ruins of the temple of the village of Seleucidov in the town of Nahavanand, as well as a small gorge with a waterfall on the outskirts of Hamadan – a popular place of rest of the local residents.

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