Cities of Vietnam: Hue

Hue (HUE) – the capital of the last emperors of the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945.), one of the cultural, religious and educational centers of Vietnam, the third largest city of Southern Vietnam, as well as one of the most interesting cities of the country.

Imperial palaces have been preserved and restored here, Citadel Kin-Thhan (1804-1821.) With the Fort of Mangroup (still used as a military base) and a multitude of gate, Tai-Hoa Palace ("Palace of Higher Harmony"), "Nine holy guns", Forbidden magenta city of Dai-Noi, or Tu-Kam-Than (almost destroyed by American troops in 1968.), Pagoda of Tien-Mu (Lilma, 1601 g.) from the tower of Thap-Fyok-Zen (1844 g.) and the famous Dai Hong Chung bell (1710 g., Weight more than 2 tons), Museum of Emperors Bao Tang-Ku-Wat (1845 g.) with a small military museum, Tai Hoa Palace (1805 g.), Pagoda you dat and you, Hugh, Changtien Bridge and Savior Cathedral (1937-1942.).

Special attention deserves the famous "The graves of emperors" With more similar to small cersums you are soooed (1864-1867.), Kiena Fuka, Ming Manga (1841-1843.), La Long Long (1814 g.), Dong Khan (1888-1923.), High Diny (1920-1931.), Three and others (located outside Hyue), Temple of Hoakey (6 km south of Hyue), the famous Dongba market (here they sell traditional conical hats in the country) and many other architectural structures and historical monuments, thanks to which Hue is entered in UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Cities in Vietnam Hue

Vietnam: Hue

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Cities in Vietnam Hue

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