Vietnam City: Dalat

One of the most popular tourist destinations of the country is the Mountain Resort of Dalat (Da Lat, 60 km of West Port Camran), lying in the area of ​​extensive forests on the central plateau (height 1475 m.).

Dalat area is famous for its soft cool climate, evergreen forests and a huge number of rivers and lakes.

In addition to numerous cozy hotels, they deserve attention here "Crazy house" Hotels Hang-Nga and Art Gallery Madame Dang Viet Nga, Summer Palace of Emperor Bao G. (1933 g.), residence of the French Governor General (1933., Now hotel), Mogila Nguyen Hyu Hao, Thung-Lung-Tin-Yeu Valley ("Valley of Love") Around the artificial lake Satchene, Dalatsky Cathedral (1931-1942.), Evangelical Church of Dalata (1940 g.), Monastery of the Virgin Mary (Nya-To-Domin, 1940-1942.), Church Zouusin (1955.), Famous Dalat’s Flower Gardens (Ray-Hoa Dalat) and Lake Suang-Hongg, Pagoda Lam-Dong-Lyn-Son (1938 g.), Women’s Monastery Sons (Chua-Linfong, 1952.), Pedagogical Institute in the building of the former monastery, Pagoda Theiegen-Vyong (Chua-Tau, 1958-1963.), french quarter.

In the mountains, a cascade of Camlie’s waterfalls, as well as the nearby Highlands of Langbian (the highest point – g. Lom-Bieng-Klo, 2165 m.) and the villages of ethnic minorities on his slopes.

Reviews and studies of trips

Dalat – the most beautiful city of Vietnam

Dalat, like another hundred other cities around the world, are called "Little Paris". Not very similar, although there is some kind of eiffel tower. Read more →

Cities in Vietnam Dalat

Juan | Spring 2016

French colonial station

Train Station in French Colonial Style, located in Dalat at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level 130 km from Nha Trang and the coast of the South China Sea. Read more →

kirill moiseev | Winter 2016

Park Prany, Coffee "Copy Luvak"

10 km from Dalata is the Park of Redean with a waterfall, a zoo, where you can see a small Musang’s animal, from which one of the most expensive varieties of coffee. Read more →

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