US Cities: San Francisco (California)

San Francisco City and County (San Francisco) lie in the central part of the Pacific coast of California, on the northern tip of the eponymous Peninsula, which restricting the same bay. This is probably the most beautiful and accurate – the most liberal city of the United States, having his own face and its own style, not least determined by the picturesque local landscapes and frequent fogs that closing the Polgorod.

Despite their far from small sizes (the total area of ​​the city is about 600 kV. km) San Francisco compact enough, hilly and little similar to the huge chaotic los angeles. Considerable "merit" This belongs to the devastating earthquake, which collapsed on San Francisco in 1906 (fires caused by underground jokes, was then racing three days), after which the city was rebuilt on a clear architectural plan almost again. Many of the facilities of the city, still defining his face, were built precisely as part of this building, from the beginning of the 1920s and until the mid-1930s.

Sun Francisco Attractions

The historic center of Frisco, as it is often called Americans, lies in the hilly northeastern part of the peninsula and differs from "Big City" Just almost a complete lack of planning – many of its streets are so winding and are laid out, they have so large height difference that they themselves are quite good attractions (a typical example of this – Lombard Street On Rashen Hill). Currently, the old town is located within the business center with its skyscrapers and offices and all over the perimeter framed by ethnic quarters Chinatown, North Beach and Telegraph Hill (Italian Quarters), Rashen Hill, Mishn-Distertik (There are African Americans and immigrants from Latin American countries), Richmond (often his name is "New Chinatown", But many our emigrants live here), Sunset (Suites from Asian countries) and other colorful areas.

The tourist center of the city is Union Square – Eternally noisy the focus of shops and hotels, sellers of flowers and homeless. Famous rollers descend down the western side of the area to Aquatik Park, Washington-Script, Chinese Quarter and Finenchel-Distertik, or up – to Mark or hotel "Hopkins". Picturesque District Soma (South Market Street) as it would connect high office complexes of a business center and bizarre quarters along Embarkadero with eternally crowded tourists district galleries and museums around Yerba-Buen Gardens or nightclubs Eleventh Street. Within the territory of Fisherman Warf (the foot of Rashen Hill) with his fairly Kichery shopping area is located The Wax Museum, And the berth himself is a gate to such famous monuments of the city, like an island Alcatras Prison, Maritime Museum and Historical Pier.

The attractions of the city enter the famous bay Golden Gate Bridge ("Golden Gate", 1937., One of the longest hanging bridges in the world – each of its spans has a length of 1280 m) and the nearby eponymous Park (1017 acres) with botanical Gardens Strebing Arboterium, Charming Japanese garden, Museum of Fine Arts Yang and the highest artificial waterfall in the Western states; as well as under construction New Bay Bridge Bridge, which will be the most advanced building of this kind in the world, which is not surprising if you consider that its 160-meter supports will be in the seismically dangerous place of the city, exactly in the middle between the tectonic faults of San Andreas and Hayward, and the 560-meter span will stay On one support.

San Francisco Museums

Also widely known Alcatras Prison Island (used in this role from 1933 to 1963.), the area of ​​fashionable villas on Montgomery Street, Business Center Street, Mount Mount Tamalpas (770 m) with a magnificent panorama of the city and the bay, which opens Opera House Var-Memori (1932 G.), Museum of Contemporary Art (SFMOMA) on South Market, Museum of cableways (illuminates the history of another local attraction – the famous trams of San Francisco, or Cable Karov, whose history has already has 130 years old), our Cultural Center (1939 G.) in the Richmond district, Mexican Museum, Asian Museum of Art In the San Francisco Library Complex, Museum of science exploitorium, zoo In the Boukeno Vista Park at Lake Merced, Angel Island (Former filtration camp of the period of World War II, and nowadays – a popular place for hiking and picnics), complex American conservatory and theater (act), International Female Museum, African Museum and many other unusual collections, as well as the living quarter of Castro and the famous High-Eshbury area, or a height, which is considered a hippie.

Beach holiday in San Francisco

Ocean coast around San Francisco can not be considered an ideal place for a seafood – here is a strong enough surf, the complex nature of the flows and pretty cool water, the temperature of which in the summer months does not exceed 15 ° C. Bathing on many urban beaches are not recommended; On some – officially prohibited, as evidenced by prohibiting signs. On the beaches of San Francisco foggy even in the summer months.

Within the Golden Gate Park, you can find many good places for swimming and active pastime, and on the territory of Baker Beach (east of Golden Gate) you can quite safely swim and relax all summer.

Going to sunbathing and swimming on the San Francisco coast, it is better to bring a unproduced jacket or sweatshirt with you; wind here are cool even in the summer months.

Fans of water sports should be remembered about strong underwater flows. Surf riding along the coast of San Francisco – an option for experienced athletes, but not for newcomers.

On most beaches of the city, drinking alcoholic beverages is not allowed; Observation of the rule is watching the local police.


Luxury beach Oshchen Beach, stretched by 3.5 miles along the western coast of San Francisco, more used for running and sports views on the shore. Bathing on the beach is not recommended including because of big waves, ideal for experienced surfers. There are showers, cafes, volleyball courts and gaming areas. Drinking alcoholic beverages on the coast is prohibited. Fish fires are allowed, but in the company there must be no more than 25 people. The most secluded section of the coast – in the south. Parking along the beach is not.

Rodeo – Best Beach for Children in San Francisco Long Long Less Mile. Swimming here is prohibited due to the pollution of the lagoon. The pebble beach is equipped with shower cabins, picnic tables with places for bonfire breeding; Alcohol on the coast is prohibited. Cafes, restaurants and shops with food nearby no; everything you need worth capturing with you. Due to its location and open space, Rodeo is popular with amateurs of air coarse. In the northern part of the beach you can find small multicolored pebbles; most often found orange.

From the beach Baker, Popular among fishing lovers, beautiful views of the Golden Gate are opening. The coast is equipped with shower, picnic tables and toilets. There is free parking, but at the weekend you should come before ten to have time to take free space. North Located Nudist Beach North Baker.

On a small beach China, Located in the prestigious area of ​​SeaCliff, it is much easier to meet local residents than tourists. On the coast are calmer than on the Oshchen Beach, waves. Due to its location in the winds protected from the winds, one of the few secure places in San Francisco for swimming, but it is necessary to remember the tides and lowers; Their schedule can be found on the beach. Rescuers on duty from April to October. There are picnic tables and a barbecue area; Food and drinks must be brought with you. Entrance to the beach with animals is prohibited.

Nudist beaches

The largest in the US Nudist beach North Baker Located in northwest San Francisco. The coast is an art platform for free artists; It is always noisy and ethnic music sounds. There are zones for beach volleyball. Picnic tables are located on a low distance from the coast; Alcohol and drinks in glass containers are prohibited. Restaurants and shops next to the coast; everything you need worth take with you. Entrance to North Baker – immediately behind the sign warning about dangerous surfs.

Beach Land’s End Located in the city park of the same name and is considered one of the most picturesque nudist beaches on the west coast of the United States. It is better to come early: after noon on the beach crowded. Coast places stony. Land’s End happens strong winds, so even in the summer it is worth taking a warm jacket with you.

Cities in USA San Francisco (California)

Beach Fort Funston Nudistsky is informally considered. Nevertheless, on weekends there are quite a few tourists and locals who prefer to sunbathe and swim in clothes. On weekdays people are smaller, and these Fort Funston justifies their status. In May and October, on the coast, very windy. The beach is also popular with lovers of deltalanenism.

Hotels in San Francisco

In total, San Francisco has more than two hundred hotels, including guest houses, mini and boutique hotels, as well as luxurious hotel complexes of international hotel chains – Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental and Ritz-Carlton.

Resorts are located in the coast of the Pichean Ocean or directly on the beach or through the road from him. Most hotels have a swimming pool, spa or beauty salon, restaurant and golf courses.

How to get

Get to San Francisco from Moscow can be direct flights of the Airlines Delta Air Lines. Running time – from 17 o’clock. Also flights Lufthansa, Aeroflot or Air France with a transfer in Frankfurt, New York, Los Angeles or Paris. Travel time – from 20 hours.

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