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The greatest and most exciting of the Great Lakes, Chicago (Chicago) extends 40 km along the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan.

This is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the country, famous for its museums, many first-class restaurants and cafes, an incresed number of bars and nightclubs, a city that keeps the tradition of the best masters of jazz and blues. Often called "Windy town" or "Chicagoland", This is one of the largest centers for commerce, industry and transport, the place of birth of skyscrapers as such and the most ethnically diverse city in the USA – here only more than 50 nationalities and ethnic groups have been officially registered, and almost 75% of the State of the State Million.

Sights of Chicago

Chicago – True Motherland of Modern Architecture. It was here in 1885 that the style of urban development was originated for the modern Western world, with his huge skyscrapers of business neighborhoods and relatively unfinished surrounding areas. Many high-rise buildings and form the center of Chicago, colorfully stirring with historical buildings like a building Chicago Commodity Exchange in the LUC area ("A loop" – So often call the city center, leading from him counting of all quarters). Complexes Merchandayz-Mart, Sirs-Tower (1970-1973., Height – 442 m, with antenna – 527 m, the highest building in the United States and the third on the planet), John Hancock Center, Walking-Tower, Chicago-Spire, Tower Trump And others form a whole forest of skyscrapers, well distinguishable far from the surrounding area.

Industrial areas of the city focus along the shore of the lake and canals of Sanitary and Ship. However, they are almost not seen from the center, since a strip of parks stretches along the entire coast: Grant Park, Millennium Park from east "Loop", Park Lincoln with zoo (founded in 1868.) and Theater biographer on the north side, Barnem and Jackson in the south and, of course, famous Hyde Park On the south side, stretching 11 km southeast of the city center. Within the same way "green system" There are almost four dozen beaches, several small bird nature reserves, business center Mak-Kormik-Place and Solger Field. A mansion in this row is located east of the city center Sea Pierce – The largest regional pier in the USA. From 1918 to 1930, it was a permanent lake port, later it turned into a state university complex and by the end of the XX century almost came to decline. However, the reconstruction that followed in the beginning of the 90s turned it into a huge moon park with his own children’s museum, a visitors center, an open theater, a botanical garden, a ferris wheel and a whole complex of cafes and restaurants.

The main historical landmark of Chicago is Water tower – one of the few buildings survived after "Great Fire" 1871 (now there is a tourist information center here). Other city attractions are Chicago Art Institute, representing one of the best assemblies of the visual arts in the USA, the complex Chicago University, Museum of Science and Industry (more than 2000 exhibitions, the museum building is considered the only building that has been preserved from the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the opening of America in 1893), surrounded by one continuous park Museum town (Area 230,5 thousand. kv. m) with his Museums of the Natural History of Field (20 million exhibits), Aquarium and Oceanarium John Shedd (1929 G., more than 200 pools with 18 thousand living inhabitants) and Planetarium Adler, university Institute of East, Art Institute Chicago on the east side "Loop" (One of the largest galleries of the planet), Chicago cultural center, Museum of Chicago Historical-Sisayeti In Lincoln Park, Museum of Freedom, Museum of African American culture du-secl, Museum of Mexican art, Modern Art Museum, Nature Museum Peggy Loadbert, as well as a small Jewish Museum Sperontus.

Cities in USA Chicago

Deserve attention Big American Six Flags Moon Park (Six Flags Great America Amusement Park), Famous Trade Quarter Magnify Mail, or simply "Meg Male", Looks like "Stalin’s altitude" Tribune-Tower Skyscraper (1923-1925.), semi-wn Rigley Field Stadium (1876. – One of the oldest in America), modest building Chess-records On South Michigan Avenue – a real temple and a blues museum, a famous Church Skyscraper Chicago Temple, Basilica OUR Lady-Sarrow in Garfield Park, Queen-Off-Oll-Saint in Forest Glen and Cent-ayaasin In Evondele, Church of Epiphanie (1885 g.) In Ashland, Cent Gabriel (1887-1888.), Saint Clement (1917-1918.) in Lincoln Park, Metro-Comuni-Church (1889 G.), Catholic St. Nicholas Cathedral and Orthodox Cathedral of Saints Vladimir and Olga In the western part of the city, as well as very peculiar architectures Cent-Joseph Yukreinien-Chechch (1975-1977.) and CENT-Simeon Mirotoviki (1968-1969. – Accurate copy of the Serbian Monastery XV in.) in the eastern part of Chicago.

Around Chicago

15 km west of Chicago "Loop" Lies rich suburb Ok Park, which is guarded as a national historical district. Here in 1899, Ernest Hemingway was born and grew up, here since 1889, Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who was one of "fathers" American style in urban planning. Therefore, the main monuments of the town are the House Museum of Hemingway (the house belonged to his mother’s parents) and 25 buildings of Wright.

On the contrary, there are dozens of sandy coast of Lake Michigan along the coastline, hundreds of parks, harbors, zoos and extensive spaces of forest reserves, and in the city of the city itself there are 29 lakes with 31 beaches and almost 283 hectares of parks.

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