US Cities: Houston (Texas)

The fourth largest city in the United States and the largest in Texas (area of ​​about 1600 kV. KM), Houston (Houston) lies on a flat, as a table, plain in the heart of the Caribbean coast.

Since in 1901 in the nearby Beaumt, it was discovered "Black gold", Houston was the center of the American oil industry, to which the aerospace industry was subsequently added and other high-tech technologies. Therefore, now the city ranks second in the country and in the number of offices of large companies, and in terms of investment in the culture or protection of monuments of history and nature. it’s the same "US Space Staff" And the prosperous international port associated with the Mexican Bay of the 80-kilometer Canal (the city ranks first in the United States on the international tuning of ships served in its port).

Sights of Houston

City Business Card – Skyscrapers District in Down tune. Spires in heaven Ji-Pi Morgan Chase-Tower (305 m), Wells Fargo-Bank Plaza (302 m), Williams-Tower (275 m) and others in combination with the characteristic local landscape create a completely recognizable appearance of the city.

The second easy-to-find structure of the city can be called Johnson Space Center (JSC, 32 km south-east of the center of Houston) – Official Tourist Center for NASA and Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Here, besides an extensive aerospace museum, there is a thematic park with a huge number of exhibitions and a collection of spacecraft layouts.

Theatrical area, Located in the city center, is the second on the concentration of cultural facilities in the United States. Houston is one of the five US cities with constant professional troupes in all art performing arts – Opera (Houston Grand Opera), ballet (Houston ballet), music (Houston symphony orchestra) and the theater (Ellie-Fiece). Here are the entertainment complex Bayu Place with a lot of restaurants, cinemas, squares and parks, as well as platforms Houston Verizon Wireless Theater and Angelika Film Center.

Museum area, Located in a quarter to the north-west of Hermann Park, is home to many popular cultural institutions and exhibitions, attracting attention of more than 7 million visitors per year. Here it is Art Museum (founded in 1900 g.), Museum of Natural Science With the center of Butterfly Cockell, Modern Art Museum, Children’s museum, Museum of Holocaust (Opened in 1996.) and Houston zoo, as well as nearby Museum Menil and Church of Rotko-Chapel. You can also visit George Brown complexes (one of the largest national exhibition sites), Hall of performing arts of Jesse Jones (Houston Symphony Orchestra Playground), Colisseum Sam-Houston and Music Hall (Participated Hobby Center for the Performing Arts).

Other attractions include "Galleia" (The largest shopping center of the state) in the Aptown-District region), Old Market Square, Downtown Aquarium And Marine Park Texas Siouorld (one of the world’s largest), Museum of print history in the southern part of Central Houston and Velodrome Alek In the park Cullen and many other sports facilities.

The city has a huge number of parks (337 urban and more than 200 local), among which are particularly known Park Hermann (area of ​​165 hectares), in the territory of which Houston zoo, aquarium and the museum of natural science are located; Tranquiliti Park (Is dedicated to the sea of ​​calm on the moon, where American astronauts landed for the first time on July 20, 1969), Lake Houston Park, Memorial Park and Sam Houstona Park (Contains an extensive collection of restored homes of the period 1823-1905.).

Around Houston

Cities in United States Houston (Texas)

Next to Houston tourists are interesting Historical Park Battle With San Hasinto With his memorial (area 405 hectares) and museum, sculptural park Orange Show (1954 G., 7 km southeast of the city center), huge and unusual National Museum of Studial History (24 km north of the city center) and beautiful lake Claire Lake (40 km south-east of the center of Houston).

A 15-minute drive from the city is a major cruise center Galveston (in fact, a suburb of Houston), from all the water area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean, elegant liners are sent.

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