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Located on the flat plains of Southeast Michigan, Detroit (Detroit) – one of the most famous and colorful cities of the country.

The once most powerful industrial and cultural center, inhabited by 80% by immigrants from the African mainland, at the end of the XX century he suffered difficult times. The industry came into decline, and the population was halved (in the late 80s, the tourist information center of the city was even closed due to lack of visitors). But thanks to the auto boum of recent years, Detroit again acquires its own value, returning itself and "Proud name" Motor City, and Cultural Traditions.

Attractions Detroita

In the center of the city rises Renaissance Center (Rencen) – Seven huge round glass towers on the shores of Detroit River – surrounded by lively historical districts. From the top of the skyscrapers and from the restaurants located in them, the beautiful panorama of the Great Lakes, Michigan Prairies and nearby Canada opens.

A few kilometers north of the city center is located Cultural Center, in which, except GENERAL MOTORS headquarters, enters the whole "constellation" world famous galleries and museums – Collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts (Fifth largest art museum in the USA), Historical Museum, Museum of African American History of Charles Wright (The world’s largest historical and cultural museum dedicated to African culture), Center of Science and other collections, as well as many notable facilities – Commerce-Tower (1994., Nearby is the stadium the same name), nearby Gardian Bilding, Penobskot-Bilding, Fisher-Bilding, Kaddilak-Place near the University of Wain and others.

Also interesting Museum Motun (Motoon) in the northern part of Detroit, extensive complex Museum of Henry Ford With the car hall of glory in Dirborn (12 km south-west of Detroit), several dozen theaters and concert sites, including those famous Fox Fish and Detroit Opera House, Detroit Zoo (Opened in 1928.), Church Second Baptist Cherch (XIX B. – First African American City Church), Historical Buildings Old Man, Color region Gricktown with its shops and restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine, noisy market area Easter-Market In the northeastern quarters of the central part of the city, as well as dozens of other cultural and sports facilities.

Leaving the limits of Detroit, tourists attend fashionable suburb Ann-Arbor – Michigan University Location ("Harvard of the Middle West", as it is called in the country), Museum of the Great Lakes and aquarium On the island of Bell-Ile, a five-kilometer coastal park, stretching from Hart Plaza to Bell-Ile, as well as a historical and cultural center in Greenfield Village (38-hectare park with many historical buildings, vehicles and several museums).

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