US Cities: Atlanta (Georgia)

The capital and largest city of Georgia – Atlanta (Atlanta) – enters the top three of the highest cities of the United States. In addition, Atlanta – Motherland Martin Luther King.

Atlanta sights

Atlanta’s most notable benchmarks – Complex Bank of America Plaza (312 m – 26th place in the list of the highest buildings on earth) and an open skyscraper in 2006 Symphony Tower (1180 Peachtree Tower, height 200 m) – the most eco-friendly skyscraper of the United States.

The most popular Atlanta Museum – Martin Luther King House Museum, famous public figure, on the won Avenue (has the status of the national monument). Also popular Capitol with his halls of glory and flags, Church Ebeserere Baptist Cherch (Martin Luther King is buried here), Historic center Atlanta, diorama (123-meter fabric, showing the famous battle of Atlanta) and Museum of Civil War, Center Carter and Presidential Library, Historical Museum Rods-Hull and Home Museum Margaret Mitchell, Center of Art Woodraff with Theater Alliance, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, museum and college of arts; Center for Contemporary Art, Center of Science Fembank with Children’s Museum, Opera Atlanta (1979.) and pr.

Cities in United States Atlanta (Georgia)

Atlanta takes one of the last places in the list of major cities of the planet in the number of parks, therefore the unreasonable work of local authorities to expand the green space of the city. The youngest park is Olympic park "Millenium" (1996.) in the city center, and the most extensive and old – Piedmont Park (1887-1904.) With nearby Botanical garden and Atlanta Zoo, and Grant Park, where Panda is bred.

Atlanta is proud of minerals Oceanarium – the largest on the planet. Officially open on November 23, 2005, this ultramodern complex contains more than one hundred thousand representatives of sea flora and fauna.

There are several thematic parks here – Coca-Cola Warld (talks about the history of this world-famous brand), "Underground Atlanta" (Large shopping and entertainment complex, located directly under the streets of the city center) and others.

Cities in United States Atlanta (Georgia)

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