Sweden City: Stockholm

Stockholm lies on 14 islands on the shores of Lake Melarien and the Strait of Northstream, and is considered one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. The first mention of Stockholm refers to 1252, and since the XIII century, the city was a permanent residence of the Swedish kings and the capital of a huge territory at the time of Sweden.

Urban transport in Stockholm

Urban transport in Stockholm is represented by trams and ferries. Beyond the city’s century, travel on buses and metro. Also operates railway transport and taxis.

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From St. Petersburg to Moscow. in Baltic. Stockholm: walking in the center

In Stockholm "Princess Anastasia" It costs 10 hours that for cruise concepts for quite a long time, and allows you to more or less to see everything scheduled. Read more →

Cities in Sweden Stockholm

Katerina Andreeva | Summer 2016

One day in Stockholm

Ricky Building, Swedish Parliament, on Island Helgeandsholmen. On the left spire of the Church of Riddarholman, on the right Tower of the Stockholm Town Hall. The two towers are visible in the middle. Read more →

Capi4ca | June 2016

Vasa Ship Museum in Stockholm

This is the only preserved ship of the XVII century. 95% of the initial structural elements are preserved and therefore VASA is a kind of time machine. Read more →

Cities in Sweden Stockholm

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