Cities in Spain: Viveo

From Ribadeo to Viveiro coast attracts holidaymakers by very beautiful beaches surrounded by eucalyptus forests. Most shores are very crowded, and entrances to them are well equipped.

Targeted by the most popular beaches of Galicia, Kowas (Covas) stretches along the Biscay bay by half a kilometer and in some places reaches a width of 150 m. The beach framed a beautiful esplanade with well-kept gardens, connecting it with a city and little beaches Seyarmar (Seiramar) and Sakido (Sacido). There are toilets and souls, rescue service, medical center, hire of umbrellas and sun beds, sports center, football field, clubs, pubs and discos. The city park is adjacent to the beach.

To the right of the mouth of the Viveo River, 4 km from the city, there is a huge 12-kilometer beach Area-Longa, Just like Kovas equipped with everything necessary and surrounded by a luxurious promenade. Beach, in coastal cliffs, hide two small bays with cozy sandy beaches.

Cities in Spain Viveo

Beach Abrela (ABRELA) is very similar to all other beaches Viveos, the difference consists only of its slightly smaller sizes. Most of the beach "Civilized": There are bars, places for picnic and renting sun beds. But at the far end of Abrela, there is a small lagoon, full of various birds, and this part of the beach is almost unlucky.

The most secluded beach, which can be reached along the shore, lies at the foot of Mount Faro (Faro). This is the beach Portonovo (Portonovo) with whimpic stone shores and blue water, through which is shifting gentle sandy bottom. Approach to the beach is complex, so people here are quite a bit. Up to other such coves can be reached by boat.

Cities in Spain Viveo

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