Cities in Spain: Santander

The capital of Cantabria, Santander (Santander) – an elegant city, stretching along the shores of the wide bay.

The historical part of Santander is the majestic stone buildings overlooking the sea and mountains. Trade and maritime traditions of the city have long made it the center of tourism, with the main attractions in the form of the beach of El Sardinero, exquisitely decorated promenade and a small peninsula La Magdalena (La Magdalena).

Beach El Sardinero (El Sardinero) is very popular and picturesque. Opposite him Mauro Island (Mauro), there is an old lighthouse, right – another wonderful beach Cum (Concha), "backstone" which serves La Magdalena, and then there is a famous Santander hippodrome. Between El Sardinero and Cum Green Park. Beach Length – 1300 m. There is everything you need: Rent of umbrellas and sun beds, sports facilities, shower cabins and toilets, locker rooms and drinking fountains, bars, restaurants, hotels. Along the coast stretches a promenade connecting all nearby beaches.

Beach Virgen Del-Mar (Virgen Del MAR) – favorite meeting place of divers going on this beach to explore the luxurious seabed. On the beach there is a rescue service.

On a 200 meter beach Los Peligros (Los Peligros) is a sailing school where you can rent yachts, kayaks and windsurfing equipment. Near school – Great beach bar. The diving area is marked with buuks and is surrounded by floating platforms where you can take sunbathing. Right hand from the beach – shipyard, popular among fishermen.

Cities in Spain Santander

Near the Peninsula of La Magdalena, the beach is lied, on which you can also learn walking under the sail. At any time of the year, there are several boats for anchor. In the bathing area (also surrounded by buoy), several rafts are fixed from which youth jumps into the water. Outdoor bar with soft and alcoholic beverages separates the beach from neighboring territories.

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