Cities in Spain: Polynas

On the northwestern tip of the island of Mallorca is the popular resort region of Polish. The municipality includes the town of the same name, as well as the coastal village of Port de Polynas, Cala Sant – Venne and the Formetor Peninsula.

Pollya region began to evolve after the conquest of Mallorca Aragon King Khaime first. The ruler gave these territories to the Order of the Templars. However, the plague of 1348 did not pass by these places: "Black Death" Having terrifying consequences. The past few years of faults meant for the region. Heavy times. In the XVI century, local settlers suffered from North African pirates. The memorable battle of the Mauris and brave residents under the leadership of the local hero Johan Masa is celebrated annually on the second August. On this day, the reconstruction of the battles is satisfied, the city is triumphant the glorious victory by the festivals, musical performances and evening salute.

The current popularity of Polantsa originates in the XIX century, when the art community in the face of the Catalan poet of Michel Costa and Flör, as well as other respected artists settled in these places. The XX century was marked by an increase in the number of tourists, industrial enterprises and factories began to be opened here. The population was mostly occupied in the agriculture industry while in the 60s coastal areas did not survive the tourist boom.

Recreation opportunities in Polance are diverse. Active pastime lovers can enjoy water sports in picturesque coves, make hiking and cycling in the rocky area and at the foot of the Mountain chain of Serral de Tramuntana, arrange a walk riding or play a golf game. The extensive pier holds a huge number of yachts and ships. Festival of classical music, cartridge de Polynas, the holiday of Our Lady Del Carmen, folk and national walks, fairs, musical and entertainment events will not let you get bored those who are interested in cultural and educational events. With the onset of darkness bars, pubs and dance clubs open their doors for those who are looking for nightlife pleasures.

The attractions include the staircase in 365 steps leading to the top of the hill, where a small chapel is located. From there a magnificent panorama of the surroundings. Samples of traditional architecture are historical and religious monuments, the Roman bridge, the central square of Plaza Major and the streets of Polants. In the monastery of Santo Domingo there is an urban museum. Caves of the Bronze Century in Cala San Vicente Bay Store Footprints of prehistoric settlers.

And, of course, the resort is proud of its golden beaches and coves with the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The road to the most famous of them, the Beach of the Formenitor, passes by the observation deck of the colometer. It opens a breathtaking view of Alberkuish Watchtower and Cape Formenitor, the very northernmost point of the Majorca island, on which the Lighthouse.

Cities in Spain Polynza

Restaurants, craft shops, art galleries are waiting for guests at every turn. Sunday market is valid in Poles in the morning. On Wednesdays on the Church Square of Port de Poles, a fair is arranged. Located along the Embankment of the Woodmar establishment offer to taste local dishes.

Famous staircase with 365 steps
In the harbor of Polesa
Lighthouse at Cape Formetor

Route: on the flight bus from the Palma de Mallorca bus station, located on Placa España, near the railway station. You can also drive to SA Pobla, and from there to reach Puerto Pollensa by bus.

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