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Benalmaden resort is a continuation of torremolinos, the conditional boundary between them serves as a port for sports and pleasure yachts (Puerto Deportivo de Benalmadena). Benalmaden enters the province of Malaga and consists of three districts: Benalmadena-Pueblo, Benalmadena Costa and Arroyo de la Miel.

The tourist area takes his beginning from Benalmaden Pueblo or Mijas (Mijas) – the village, which is located about 3 km from the coast, on a 200 meter elevation. Coastal Benalmaden Costa – Classic Sea Resort with well-developed infrastructure. Arroyo de la Miel today is the commercial center of Benalmadena, built on the site of a separate fishing village, which has long been merged with the resort.

Beach Benalmadena

The coastline of Benalmaden Costa stretched 9 kilometers; Rocky protrusions cut the coast on cozy beaches.

Beach MalapeSQuera Y Torrebermeja starts from the port; The best coastal hotels are concentrated around – and therefore it is almost always noisy and crowded. The beach is equipped with shower and dressing cabins, platforms for volleyball and football, on the coast, rental of sun beds and umbrellas are available. Beach length – 300 m, width – 200 m.

Triangular beach Santa Anna separated from MalapeSQuera Y Torrebermeja with a sandy protrusion. It is well equipped and has a high level of service. The length of the beach is 500 m, width – 50 m.

  • Artificial Island in Benalmaden
  • Bil Bil Beach in Benalmaden
  • Sculpture in Benalmaden

Beach Bil Bil Located at the foot of the castle Castillo de Bil Bil and in the peak of the season – July and August – is overflowing. Calm waters and children’s slides on the shore make it suitable for family holidays. Beach length – 400 m, width – 60 m.

Popular beach Arroyo de la Miel It is a continuation of Bil Bil and stretches to the West to the Rocky Cape. Beach length – 900 m, width – 60 m.

Small natural beach Torrevig&# 237; A Located behind a rocky cape. On the beach there is a rental of sun beds and umbrellas, however, there is no other infrastructure. Beach Length – 350 m, Width – 60 m.

  • Tower Torre Bermeja in Benalmaden
  • Marina in Benalmaden
  • Golf Course in Benalmaden
  • Cities in Spain Benalmadena

Beach Torrequebrada "Tied" To the same hotel, so few holidaymakers are a coastal hotel guestroom. Shower cabins, as well as water slides and sports grounds there is no. Beach Length – 350 m, Width – 60 m.

Natural beaches LA VIBOROLLA and Las Yucas Located in small rocky bays and are perfectly suitable for scuba diving. They are loved not only by tourists, but also by local residents. Rent of sun beds and chairs are not available here. The total length of the beaches – more than a kilometer, width – about 40 m.

Secluded beach in bay Benalnatura Designed for nudists.

Beach Arroyo Hondo Located next to the hotel Playa Bonita; Equipped with shower and cabins for dressing, it is possible to rent umbrellas and sun beds. Length – 700 m, width – 60 m.

To the west of the resort are wild sandy-pebble beaches Torremuelle, La Morera and Tajo de La Soga. They stretched three kilometers; In some places access on the coast is difficult.

Hotels in Benalmaden

Resort’s hotels and apartments are concentrated mainly along the Mediterranean coast of Benalmaden Costa. In the central part of Marina, there are several artificial islands where fashionable apartments in oriental style are located.

Sights of Benalmadena

The main attractions of the resort are concentrated in Benalmadena Pueblo – a classic Belonated Andalusian village, in which only a few modern buildings are noticeable. Here it is Archaeological Museum with bronze century artifacts.

  • Castillo De Colomares Castle in Benalmaden
  • Castillo De Bil Bil Castle in Benalmaden
  • Parish Church in Benalmaden

The small castle of Castillo De Colomares was erected at the end of the last century at the local doctor in honor of the bright memory of Christopher Columbus. In the West, the village is another castle – Castillo de Bil Bil, Built in Mauritan style in the 1930s. It was recently renovated and today is used as a platform for concerts and exhibitions.

Entertainment in Benalmaden

Along the Mediterranean coast spread Park La Paloma with lake and pelicans. Nearby located Entertainment center Selwo Marina, Where can I see the show with the participation of dolphins, penguins and tropical birds. In the port is aquarium Sea Life, which presents marine inhabitants. In addition, the golf course, casino, as well as the active Arena for Corrida are located in Benalmaden. Fights with bulls are held, as a rule, on Sunday evenings. Boutiques, restaurants and round-the-clock bars focused around the port.

Entertainment center Tivoli World Located in Arroyo de la Miel. On the territory of the park – attractions, restaurants with a special children’s menu, as well as slot machines.

Not far from Tivoli World there is a lower cable car station, the telecavine of which rises to the Mount Calamorro (769 m) and allow you to enjoy panoramic views in the direction of Gibraltar and the Moroccan coast. The top point of the cable car is located in the park Jardin de las Aguilas, where there are several dozen feathered predators.

How to get to Benalmaden

The airport closest to Benalmaden is located in Malaga (19 km). You can get to it by taxi, flight bus or suburban electrician Renfe. Benalmadena Railway Station is located in Arroyo de la Miel.

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