City of Montenegro:

Small, but very colorful cities, clamped between the coast of the Gulf and Mount Cork.

Because of the abundance of historical monuments and well-preserved medieval structures in 1979. The UNESCO World Heritage Monument is announced. With ancient times, these places are populated by people, so it is not worthwhile to be surprised at the abundance of narrow streets overlooking spacious areas, numerous churches, adjacent to Orthodox churches, palaces and fortress walls of different eras.

Fortress Walls and Towers Kotor, "cities with three gates", Romanesque and Gothic Cathedrals and Churches, Vintage Chambers with Luxurious Facades, Capped Streets and Markets – All this is part of the cultural heritage that is protected by UNESCO. In addition, in this city, a witnessed era, various cultural events occur, from the festival of children’s theaters to the most beautiful carnival

The most interesting Cathedral of St. Tripuuna (1166 g., Dedicated to the Holy Trifon – the patron and defender of the city) with the frescoes of the XIV century, numerous old fortification structures, the Church of St. Luke (1195 g.), Holy Anne (XII c), St. Mary (1221 g.), Saint Movie (VII-XV centuries.), The Virgin of Health (XV C) and St. Nichola (XX C), Princely Palace (VII B), Drago Palaces (XV C), Bizantti (XVII B), Pima (XVI B), Roughness (XV B) and Hergurin ( XVIII B, now here is the maritime museum), the hour tower (XVI B) on the main square, the Napoleon Theater and much more.

From the kotor to the top of the mountain, the delicen is leading dangerous and impressive by its serpentine road. With each turn of this route, there is a stunning view of the bay.

Reviews and studies of trips

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Cities in Montenegro

sasha0404 | July 2012

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I am pleased to make up new routes in the Balkans for your travels, so I decided to share the finished route on Bosnia and Montenegro, which we departed in December. Read more →

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Kiss. The story of one patch

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Cities in Montenegro

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