Cities in Germany: Tubingen

Practically in the center of Baden-Württemberg, 30 km south of Stuttgart, lies the ancient university city of Tubingen (Tübingen). Spring between two hilly ridges in the famine of the Neckar Rivers and Ammer, it is the best starting point for visiting the Schwabian Alb National Park (Swabian Alb – literally behind the northern outskirts of the city begins the environmental zone of Schonbuch Park, the administratively part of this reserve, as such in 20 km southeast), and also known for its well-preserved medieval core, lying on North Coast of Nekkar. Interestingly, here, in a small forest called Elysium, which is part of the Botanical Garden of the University of Tubingen, is the Geographical Center for Baden-Württemberg.

The city has a very ancient history – the first traces of the settlement of a person here are dating twelfth millennium to the new era. In 85, our era of Romans built here the outpost included in the system of famous Limes – "road", "Border trail", Later simply "the border") – systems of fortified frontiers with shaft and walls with watchdogs, framing all the boundaries of the Empire. With the arrival of these lands, Alemanov, the settlement quickly rummaged, what the ending characteristic of this tribe "Ingen" in his name. In 1078, the annals mention the existence of the Hohentübingen castle, in 1262, at the direction of the Pope Alexander IV, the Augustine Monastery was laid here, and in 1272 – Franciscan, and the city quickly becomes a recognized religious center. In 1477, the Duke of Eberhard bases the university here, soon became one of the most influential training seats in the Holy Roman Empire. He still is still the most important source of income for residents of the city, since it remains one of the largest educational institutions in Germany (more than 22 thousand students – nearly a quarter of the city’s population) and one of the oldest in Central Europe. During the second world, due to the almost complete absence of heavy industry, Tübingen practically did not suffer from bombing and today it can offer its guests one of the most authentic urban landscapes in the country.

Sights of Tubingen

In the place of merger of Nekkar and Ammer, a narrow triangle of the earth is formed, a kind of peninsula Neckarinsel ("Nekkar Island"), wide famous for his picturesque street Platanenyallee, In fact, overgrown with high planenes, some of which reaches a two-year-old age. Here is a number of historical houses, whose line of facades even deserves its own behalf Neckarfront. Among these colorful buildings rise and painted ocher house "Tower of Höldderlin", in which the poet Friedrich Gölderlin lived the last 36 years of his life. Summer Nekcarinsel is a venue for concerts, performances and literary readings

Nearby are located and most of the old buildings of the city, among which Town Hall (Rathaus) on the area of ​​MarkTplatz, Castle Schloss Hohentubingen (now – part of the city university), Cathedral Church (Stiftsirche, one of the first in Germany, during the times of Martin Luther reforms transformed into Protestant), former Jewish quarter on Judengasse (however, Jews were expelled from the city in 1477), scenic Square Holzmarkt (place of traditional markets), outdoor cinema, exhibition hall Kunsthalle, University Complex, as well as an indispensable part of urban life – "Beer gardens" and shops along the embankments. Interestingly, the city is a venue for the most large festival of Afro-Brazilian culture in Europe Latin American Movie Festival Cinelatino (March, April).

Cities in Germany Tubingen

4 km north of the city center is located Abbey Bebenhausen (Kloster Bebenhausen), founded in 1183, for many years served as a religious object, then the countryside of the rulers of Württemberg. Now its complex with almost a dozen colorful medieval buildings and a cemetery is one of the most popular tourist objects of the region and one of the starting points of the pilgrimage path of St. Jacob.

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Tubingen – the city standing on the hills

In Tubingen, we got just on the way from the Black Forest to the hotel. Well, another university city on the river Garra, think? Let’s see another university, since the road read more →

Cities in Germany Tubingen

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