Cities in Germany: Starnberg

Cities of Bavaria and Zugshpitz – Das East Fantastic.

Being one of the oldest cities in Germany, Augsburg builds its pedigree to the Roman fortified camp, arranged at the turn of our era. The strategically location of the city was exceptionally successful, because in these places numerous caravans constantly passed before starting to climb the spurs of the Alps or, on the contrary, to go on a journey through German Earth, and the current face of the city, the Maximilian Parade street – the direct heiress of the ancient trade routes between Germany And Italy. Read more →

Vazlav | May 2009

Ludwig Bavarian Castles – Dast East Schoon!!

In good weather here would go and walk. Even a multi-kilometer road to Linderhof, with the sunlight, it would be calmly done in the meadows, fields and groves. Rain, on the contrary, even a bus trip turned into torment – you sit in the warm salon and you grieve that soon I will have to get out and mock. But here you can not do anything – the status of the tourist obliges. Read more →

Cities in Germany Starnberg

Vazlav | May 2009

Our first breakthrough through the Alps. Notes of the navigator

Where and how much to go, honestly, rushed almost to the holidays: I want so much interesting, I want everything and immediately … But in the end, I stopped in the following cities: Berlin-Kulmbach-Nuremberg-Abenberg-Hohenschwangau-Munich-Salzburg-Vienne-Ingolstadt Dresden -Stolpen-Berlin Torun-Gdansk-Malbork. For various reasons, two visits took place in fact: Abenberg and Torun. Read more →

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