Cities in Germany: Solingen

Just 25 km south-east of Düsseldorf lies the famous Solingen (Solingen) – the ancient center of metallurgy and armory of Germany, whose high-quality products appreciate all over the world so far. More famous as "The city of Klinkov", He is famous for this role since the beginning of our era, it’s true not always under your name – until 1424. Local blacksmiths did not disappear to put on their weapons, strangers. But as the skill growing, Solingen blades began to be valued throughout Europe literally on the weight of gold, and now such famous companies like Dreiturm, Dovo Solingen, Wüsthof, Zwilling J. A. Henckels, Böker, Klauberg, Eickhorn-Solingen and others have a centuries-old history.

Sights of Solingen

The Old Town of Solingen was completely destroyed by air raids in 1944, so you can only see from pre-war sights Castle Burg (Schloss Burg, 1133-1380.) – The largest complex of this kind in the land of North Rhine – Westphalia, located on its territory Museum Bergische Land and Memorial of deportation from oriental provinces, Monastery Church (Klosterkirche, 1690 g.) and several restored old guild mansions. However, visit Industrial museum (Rhineland Industrial Museum) and German Museum Klinkov (Deutschees Klingenmuseum), as well as excellent Botanical Garden with interest compensates for this flaw.

Cities in Germany Solingen

In addition, 3 km southeast Zolingen railway station you can see another monument of engineering thought – steel arched Bridge Mwongsterer (Müngstener Brücke) through the Gorge of the Wupper River. With the total length of this "air" Designs in 465 meters The height of his insony-free span reaches 170 meters (so far it is the highest railway bridge of Germany!) that for the end of the XIX century, when this construction was built, is an outstanding achievement, because in our days, even with some restrictions, the bridge withstands the weight of the railway composition.

In 2006, on the slopes of the Gorge of the River Stupper around the bridge was divided Landscape Park With a cozy gazebo (1901 g.), a whole network of pedestrian and cycling routes (on them it is very convenient to get to the castle of Burg) and a small outboard ferry.

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