German city: Rundersheim

23 km south-west Wiesbaden lies the colorful winery town of Rüdersheim (Rüdersheim, Rüdesheim, Rüdesheim Am Rhein), which in the number of foreign tourists visiting him is inferior only to the Cologne Cathedral. Together with many other cities of the Valley of the Upper Rhine, Rundersheim is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a unique combination of geological, historical, cultural and industrial monuments.

The glory of the town created not only excellent drinks of the Ringau region, who brought him title "Wine capital Germany", but also picturesque landscapes of surroundings and many attractions, among which are the first in the country Museum of mechanical musical instruments (Siegfrieds Mechanisches Musikkabinett) with a unique collection of the most amazing means of recovery of sound, parish Church of St. Jacob (Pfarrkirche St. Jakobus, XV in.), almost always crowded by tourists colorful Alley Drosselgasse in the very center Old Town, Ruins of the castle of Erenfels (Burg Ehrenfels, XIII in.), Museum of medieval torture (Mittelarliches Foltermuseum) with a large number of executioners, Winery Asbach and placed in the complex the oldest (x in.) Fortress in the region Museum of winemaking Rheingauer Weinmuseum Brömserburg), illuminating more than a thousand-year history of viticulture in these lands.

Also interesting Tower Mäuseturm in the town lying on the opposite shore Bingen (Bingen), Benedictine Abbey Holy Hildegard (Abtei St. HildeGard, based in 1165.) in the suburbs Eibingen (Eibingen) and ruins destroyed during the second world ancient Bridge Hindenburgbrücke.

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