Cities in Germany: Reinsberg

Green areas of Ringland serve as the most popular holiday destination.

The capital of these places Reinsberg (Rheinsberg) is a small town that lies 50 km north-west of Berlin, within the federal land of Brandenburg.

Contrary to his name it is not on the Rhine, but on the small river Rin (Rhin), which flows into the Elbe. True glory brought picturesque hills and numerous lakes of this area, which turned the city to a famous recreation center. The Great Friedrich claimed that it was in Reinsberg that he spent the happiest years of his life, and the mention of the city in the books of Theodore Fontan and Kurt Tolkolski made him a real cult center.


Cities in Germany Reinsberg

The tiny city center allows you to study it pretty quickly, having become acquainted with Castle (Schloss Rheinsberg, 1566-1740., Now there is a museum) on the eastern shore of Lake Grinericze (Grienericksee), the monument on the opposite shore, the old concert hall (included in the castle complex), the Church of Dirberg, cobbled with streets and old ceramic manufactory – shops and workshops for the manufacture of clay and characteristic glass tincards In the southern part of the city, are still the main supplier of souvenirs for tourists.

Just 3 km south, in a small village Heinrichsdorf (Heinrichsdorf), you can detect an old waterproof station – one of the first in the country (XVIII in.).

The surrounding city of the lakes provide a great opportunity for recreation in water.

Cities in Germany Reinsberg

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