Cities in Germany: Offenbach

The South-East Suburb of Offenbach (Offenbach Am Main) is administratively part of the Frankfurt County and is considered to be a gate of Hesse.

Based approximately in the V century (the first mentions are dating 770), he was the center of the leather and tobacco industry of the country, but after the bombing of the Second World War, which turned a third residential building in the ruins, its value was much decreased.

Now it’s just a beautiful city in which tourists will find Palace Bubying (Büsing-Palais, XVI in., Now used as a congress center) with adjacent beautiful parks Bubying (Büsingpark) and Lily (LILIPARK, named after the bride Goethe Lily Schonannn), lying a little north Church of Lily (Lilitemple, XVI in.), Renaissance Palace Isnburg (Isenburger Schloss, 1559 g., Restored after the fire of 1578 and is now the placement of the prestigious Offenbach University of Design, founded in 1832.), as well as neoclassical Palace Rumpenheim (Rumpenheimer Schloss, XVI in.) in the Northern suburb of the same name – the complex itself is closed for visiting, but a beautiful park can be seen free.

Cities in Germany Offenbach

Deserve picturesque attention Square Wilhelmsplatz with numerous restaurants and working three times a week by the market, the complex of the French Protestant Church and Community, the Former synagogue "Capitol" (Capitol, now a concert hall) next to the new synagogue and Quarter WESTEND, in which the many mansions of the XIX century have been preserved.

Also here is worth a visit German Skin Museum (Deutsches Ledermuseum, founded in 1917.) – one of the largest in the world. And in its extensive exposure describing three millennium, also includes Museum of shoes, Museum of Applied Arts and Museum of Ethnology. It is not surprising that the International Fair of Skin is also held in Offenbach.

Cities in Germany Offenbach

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