German city: Nuremberg

Nuremberg, the second largest city of Bavaria, is located in the rich forests region near the River Peganits.

The most beautiful view of the old town opens with Fürster gate – Ring of walls Stadtmaera (XIV-XV BB.) with a lot of gates and towers, "Old city" Sides Lorenz and Castle. Entrance to the old town celebrate "Royal Gate" ("Königstor") With a huge observation tower, from which the oldest street of the city – Konigshtrasse, on which lie Church of St. Martha, German National Museum (The largest museum of arts, culture and history of all German countries, founded in 1852.) and Church of St. Lorentz – The largest church of Nuremberg (XIII-XV centuries.).

Not far from the bridge Musombruck There is an area Hawupmark, with 17-meter sculpture Cyon Brunnen, Church Froyenkirche (1352-1361.) and famous clock "Maenlayinlaufen" (1509 g.), Town hall (1616-1622.) and Church of St. Segaldus (1225-1273.).

Be sure to visit Nuremberg Museum of Toys with exhibits of all eras and different cultures, Nuremberg Castle and Albrecht Dürer House Museum, in which he lived from 1509 g. until the last day of your life (1528 g.).

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Under the serfs of local daches. See the grandmother with a wheelbarrow? This is not an employee of municipal services, but the usual Frau, removing the leaves from the site and blowing them into a common bunch. Read more →

Cities in Germany Nuremberg

RightCivil | May 2014

Church of the Virgin instead of the synagogue

Once on the site of the main market square of Nuremberg, Jews lived, and in the place of the Church of the Virgin the Synagogue. Actually, the church and erected on the foundation of the destroyed synagogue. Read more →

Skripta | Spring 2015

Territory of the Congresses of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP)

Rare tourist dollants to the outskirts of Nuremberg. It seems doubtful entertainment – to exchange Bavarian beer and Nuremberg sausages on a shadow of some kind of dictator. Read more →

Cities in Germany Nuremberg

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