Cities in Germany: Neuss

Western suburb of Düsseldorf, Neuss (Neuss) is one of the oldest cities in Germany. It was laid by the Romans in 16 before. NS. as a military settlement.

Now it’s worth seeing a city gate tower Obraft (XIII B., Currently contains a part of the exposition of the Clemens-Sels Museum), a small tower Blutturm ("Bloody", XIV B., The only surviving fragment of the city fortress), Romanesque Cathedral of St. Kirinus (XIII B.) with a unique sarcophagus of this martyr, Saint Sebastian Cathedral, Church of St. Mary and Christ (Christuskirche – the oldest Protestant Church of the region, XVI in.), the oldest restaurant on average Rhine – Schwatte Päd ("Black Horse", 1604 g.), building Theater "globe" (Accurate copy of its London "Test"), beautiful urban Botanical Garden (Botanischer Garten Der Stadt Neuss), as well as stroll through shopping street Oramstrasse.

Cities in Germany Neuss

Lovely rifle festival passes in Neuss Neuss Schützenfest (the last weekend of August) is one of the largest in the world and certainly – the most colorful. Within its framework there are many specialized events and the most picturesque "Royal Parade", Collecting teams from all over the world (more than 7 thousand weapons lovers and 1.5 million visitors took part in the last festival).

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