Cities in Germany: Mannheim

The major industrial center of Mannheim (Mannheim, the Germans pronounce Manheim) lies in 17 km north-west of Heidelberg, in the broad radiation rain when nekkar has fallen into it. Together with the surrounding cities, Ludwigshafen-am-Rhine, Gartenstadt, Nekkarstadt, Kefartal, Fiudenheim, Neuostheim, Nekkarau and others, forms the second after Stuttgart, the agglomeration of the Baden-W├╝rttemberg agglomeration (Ludwigshaven, however, is already in the land of Rhineland Palatinate).

The settlement of Mannheim is first mentioned in the chronicles of the VIII century, in the Middle Ages rapidly in a clear plan (from here and his nickname QuadRateStadt, that is "City of Squares") and in 1607 received the status of the city. In 1720, the residence of Palatinate Kurf├╝rst was moved here, and Mannheim became an important political center. Almost completely destroyed by the bombings of the Allies during the Second World War, now he has been rebuilt and is a large industrial and transport center of Europe

Attractions Mannheima

The historic core of the city and the former residence of the Palacian Kuffer – Baroque Palace Mannheima (Mannheimer Schloss) was built in 1720-1760 at the site of Friedrichsburg Fortress and was now given to University of Mannheim. In the North Wing there are an impressive palace church (Schlosskirche) and the city court. The second symbol of the city is old Wasserturm Water Tower in the eastern part of the city center.

Cities in Germany Mannheim

Also interesting Televka (Fernmeldeturm Mannheim, 1973-1975.) From the observation platform, spread from her foot one of the most beautiful parks in Europe – LuisenPark (1892-1903 g, area 41 hectares) with a large number of attractions, pavilions and water bodies lying on the opposite bank of Nekcar HerzogenriedPark (33 hectares), Church of Christ Mannheim Jesuit Church, 1733-1756.) with a unique interior decoration and the largest bell in the city (1754 g.), New synagogue (Synago Mannheim, 60s of the 20th century), the largest in Germany Mosque Yavuz-Sultan Selim (1995.), big Wildpark and WaldVogelpark Am Karlstern Zoo In the northeast suburb of Gartenstadt, as well as a large green zone Reissinsel In the Large Emptition of the Rhine in the southwest of the city.

The best posts for shopping are Breite Strasse Streets, Kunststrasse and Kapuzinerplanken in the historic core of the city.

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