Cities in Germany: Ludwigsburg

Approximately 12 kilometers north of the center of Stuttgart, in the heart of the historic region NKarland (Neckarland) lies a small town Ludwigsburg (Ludwigsburg), which is part of the administrative area (regierungsbezirk) Stuttgart.

Landmarks Ludwigsburg

Home Landmark – Big German Castle Complex in Baroque style – Ludwigsburg Palace. He was built by Duke Eberhard Ludwig von Württemberg as a private residence in return noticeably outdated by the time the Palace of Altes Schloss in Stuttgart. From a simple hunting house (1704 g.) by gradual attachment from the north of the palace Favorite (Schloss Favorite, 1717-1723.), then directly the residence itself (residenzschloss) and then "Lake Castle" SEESCHLOSS, SEESCHLOSS MONREPOS, 1764-1768.) He quickly turned into one of the largest complexes of this kind in the country.

In 1718, the rapidly growing little west of Ludwigsburg became the capital and the only residence of the Dukes of Württemberg (however – a new palace was built in Stuttgart in Stuttgart), the location of the judicial and financial bodies of the region. From 1806, Friedrich I Württemberg added a starnet to the palace park, including deer and sulf, and Architect Nicaus Friedrich Background Restored the Interior of Buildings in Neoclassical Style. As a result, in the complex the complex was mixed together by Baroque (old residence, guest new residence, game and hunting pavilions), Rococo (main chapel, steps of duke, new residence and others) and Ampir (marble hall, reception hall, royal library and so on). True, at the beginning of the 20th century, the complex fell into decline and was restored only by the beginning of the 1980s (the famous Garden of Blühendes Barock, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, opened in 1954, "Fabulous garden" Märchengarten – In 1959), and for the public opened in 1983.

And at present, the Palace and the surrounding gardens are represented by the public in the same condition as at the beginning of the XIX century. A Palace Theater It is considered the oldest of those who are permanent in Europe and still equipped with the stage mechanization of 1758 – and it is still in working condition, and in the complex itself, the festival of opera performances and about a dozen other events are held annually.

Cities in Germany Ludwigsburg

In 2004, Baroque galleries (150 masterpieces of German and Italian painting of the XVII-XVIII centuries were opened in the comments of the three hundred councilion of Residenzschloss.) In the old residence and the collection of ceramics of the National Museum of Württemberg.

Also here are open to visit Museum of fashion (about 700 original costumes and accessories XVIII-XX centuries.), which is also a branch of Landesmuseums Württemberg, Main building (Alter Hauptbau), four arcades with sculptural compositions, Tower Rapunzelturm and several thematic sculptural compositions for children, Hunting house (Jagdhaus) with three "Cabinets rarity", Catholic and Protestant chapel, as well as a number of internal chambers and extensive spaces of five parks.

In addition, each autumn on the territory of Blühendes Barock is held the largest in the world (according to the organizers) Pumpkin festival.

Cities in Germany Ludwigsburg

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