Cities in Germany: Limburg

In 50 km north-west of Frankfurt, already for the sorts of Taunus, lies the picturesque town of Limburg (Limburg An Der Lahn), practically not affected during the bombing of the Second World War and therefore preserved a huge number of characteristic half-timbered houses of the XIII-XIX centuries. All of them here are about 600, and 8 of them are among the oldest buildings of this kind in Germany.

Sights of Limburg

Cities in Germany Limburg

Along the country are known mansions "Vicaria House" (1515-1522.), "House Vagatov"(1296-1771.), "House of seven vocals" (Haus der Sieben Laster, 1480-1567., Now here is an art museum), "Golden deer" (XVI-XVII centuries.), "Round corner" (XII-XIII in.), Haus Kleine Rütsche (XV B.), WERNER-SENGER-HAUS (XIII B.), Römer 2-4-6 (The oldest detached mansion of Germany, 1289 g., Now here is the center of choral music), decorated with figures of dozens of mythical characters House of the famous bakery Hensler, and "Hall" Mansions of merchant houses on Bischofsplatz – None of them look like a neighbor and each carries some unique elements of the finish. At the same time, many houses in areas Fishmarkt, Brückengasse, Fahrgasse and Erbach can boast of foundations and cellars dating from the XII century – tourists here too willingly water. Pedestrian streets WERNER-SENGER-STRASSE, Bahnhofstrasse and Neumarkt allow you to get acquainted with the city without too much fuss.

The old part of the city is small and get lost here is difficult, so just a couple of hours you can see such famous buildings like Town Hall (1899 G.), one of the few fully stone buildings of the city – Mansion Valderdorfov (Walderdorffschen Hof, XVI-XVIII centuries.) With a monument "Dancing" in front of him, Chapel of St. Johanna and former monastery of Cistercians (XIV in.), "Cat Tower" (Katzenturm, XIV in., Now there is a naval museum of the Museum) and fragments of the old urban wall (Huttig, X-XIV BB.), masterpiece of the Rhine Ladyoman style – Cathedral of St. George (Georgsdom, Limburger Dom, XIII-XIX centuries.) with Chapel of St. Peter (XI in.), old (IX-XIII centuries.) and New castles (XIII-XVIII centuries.), City Church (Stadtkirche, XIV in.) on BischofSplatz Square, Church of St. Hildegard, Burgmannenhaus mansion (1544 g., Now there is a museum), Church of St. Anna (St. Anna-Kirche, XIV in.) with unique stained glass windows built in 1315 Old Most (Alte Lahnbrücke, 1315-1354.) "It was he who served in the Middle Ages who served as a place of crossing of the Lan on the road built by the Romans of Via-public from Antwerp to Byzantium, Lichfieldbrücke Bridge (Beautiful panorama on the old bridge and the cathedral opens with it), as well as Museum of Episcopata (1544 g.) and already mentioned Military Museum Limburg Navy Museum).

Cities in Germany Limburg

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