Germans of Germany: Leipzig

Leipzig – the largest city of Saxony, the city of Fair, the largest center of publishing and trade.

Thousands of tourists are attracted Citadel (XIII B.), the famous church Tomascirhe (Church of St. Thomas, XIV-XV BB.), giant monument Volkerschlachtdenkmal ("Battle of nations", 1898-1913.), erected in honor of the soldier (including 22.6 thousand. our warriors) who fell in the battle with Napoleon’s army at Leipzig in 1813., The oldest and largest church of the city – Nikolaikirhe (St. Nicholas), restored city center with the famous shopping passage Medler and Shpexx Hof, Orthodox Church in memory of those killed our soldiers (XIX century), world famous Picture gallery, Old Town Hall and zoo.

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Leipzig: SteiGenberger Grandhotel Handelshof

Rainy in the evening, just returning to dinner, I watched how to rush the townspeople in the old cafe RIQUET. Rushing for traditional pastries, hurry on a tart, deep and warm smell of coffee read more →

maria kitchen | Summer 2015

Cities in Germany Leipzig

Controllers in Europe

There is a rash myth that in Europe is so good and calm the life that everything is built on trust and in public transport does not happen controllers. Read more →

Think head | Winter 2015

Holy Alekseevsky Temple-Monument of our Glory in Leipzig

The temple is divided into two parts: the upper temple and the bottom temple-tomb. Entrance to the upper temple is framed by a promising portal of light sandstone. Read more →

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