Cities in Germany: Koblenz

Koblenz, located at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle, attracts guests to the medieval center of the old part of the city, Gothic churches St. Castor (IX-XII in.), Jesuit Church and College (XVII in.). One of the most famous sights of the city is medieval Moselle Bridge (XIV B.), and Coblenz Castle (XVIII B.), theater and numerous museums.

V Erebraitetestein, Koblenz suburb, is the place of pilgrimage Assberg with monastery Rother Han, The old fortress in which the museum is now located and many public organizations, as well as Refuge St. Roca from Trira.

Reviews and studies of trips

Amazing – near

Despite the fact that all numerous palaces, castles and parks in my amateur head are mixed in a solid porridge, I think that the trip still succeeded. Read more →

Vladimir Antonov | May 2018

Cities in Germany Koblenz

Germany on great. How did Koblenz happen to us

Today we have the first long bike trip – 42 km, and for me it is the first one long move in life! Let’s go from Linz on the Rhine to the city of Koblenz. Read more →

kateber | September 2015

The ship walk along the Rhine along the road of romantic castles

Nowadays, travel on the ship on the Middle Rhine or a trip by train along its shores – a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful locality in Germany. Read more →

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