Cities in Germany: Khanau

20-25 kilometers east of Frankfurt lies the city of Khanau (Hanau) – the main railway assembly of the region, often called "Brother-Grimm Stadt" (Famous belly brothers were born here).

The historic core of the city is located within the large arc of the Kinzig River (Kinzig) before its shift in Mine. Founded in the X century as a settlement around the castle, in 1303, Khanau is already becoming a city in the XIV century "Etern" fortress walls, then becomes the capital of the porcelain and jewelry of Hesse. However, the post-war reconstruction (after the bombing of the Allies in the old town of Khanau survived only 7 houses!) finally destroyed the medieval urban landscape, almost all old buildings and fortifications were demolished, so the general appearance of the settlement is likely.

Attractions Khanau

Worth to visit German House Jewelers (Deutsche Goldschmiedehaus, Previously – Town Hall of the Old Town), Church of St. Mary (Marienkirche), Castle gardens Schlossgarten Hanau), Memorial brothers Grimm (Brüder Grimm-Nationaldenkmal) in front of the new town hall, Wallo-Dutch Church (Wallonisch-Niederländische Kirche), Historical Museum Khanau v Castle Philipsrue (Schloss Philippsruhe) lying on the northern shore of Kintiig historical Wilhelmsbad resort (Wilhelmsbad) and a small reserve for the southern suburb of Klein-Auheim (Klein-Auheim).

In Hanau, the line begins "German road fairy tales", which ends in Bremen, and is also held Festival Tales Brothers Grimm (Brüder Grimm MärchenfestSpiele, May – August), the venue of which is chosen Park Castle Philipsruhe.

Cities in Germany Khanau

"German road fairy tales"

Wonderful tourist route "German road fairy tales" (Deutsche Märchenstrasse, www.Deutsche-Maerchenstrasse.COM / EN /) created in 1975. With a total length of about 600 kilometers, it stretches to Bremen in the north of the country, one way or another, describing the work of the Vilhelm brothers and Jacob Grimm. The route passes to the places where they lived and worked, through eight natural parks and numerous picturesque medieval cities, as well as through regions that are associated with fairy tales.

Here you can get acquainted with the culture and history of these places, see charming medieval phacomk houses, castles and fortresses, visit many museums and art galleries, concerts and theaters, to get acquainted with the local folklore and crafts. And each settlement on the route develops its "Fairy program" with numerous theatrical and musical ideas, culinary events and folk fairs.

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