Cities in Germany: Hamburg

"Free city" Hamburg lies on the banks of the Elbe River 55 km from the place of her sign in the North Sea.

This is the largest sea and fourth largest river port of Germany, one of the best anchor parking lots on the Baltic and a large yacht center of the country.

Probably, no other city of Europe has such a number of indoor streets and passages, which begin directly from the city shopping center – Hamburg court. For the whole of Europe, the passes are famous "Hansewriter", "Herroof", "Ganesemarct" and "Neye-Gansemarct". Hamburg is considered one of the richest cities in the country, here are the offices of many trading firms, banks and insurance organizations. Most of the old city buildings are destroyed during the war, but considered the symbol of the city "Misel" – 132-meter tower of the church of St. Michael – almost did not suffer and was carefully restored.

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Cities in Germany Hamburg

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Cities in Germany Hamburg

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