German city: Dusseldorf

Ancient city Dusseldorf (Düsseldorf) lies in the West of Germany and is the capital of the federal land North Rhine – Westphalia. Stasted by German tribes in the Large Empty of the Rhine near the Merge Place of the Great River with Erft and Düssel (hence and name – "Village on Dussemale") In the V-VII centuries, for the first time under his today, he is mentioned in the annals of 1135, right then he was named Dusseldorp. Under the emperor Friedrich Barbarossa, the small town of Kaiserswerth (Kaiserswerth, now it is a northern suburb of Düsseldorf) has become a well-fortified stamping, which controls the entire lower flow of the Rhine, and in 1288, Count Adolf V von Berg granted Dusseldorf city status. Moreover, it was done clearly in the peak of the Bishopat of nearby Cologne, one of the surroundings to take away to the hands.

The city is quickly richer at the expense of its market, well protected by the fortress walls, and in 1380 Dusseldorf becomes the residence of the Dukes von Berg. From this point on, its stormy development begins – numerous temples and palaces are built, gymnasiums and trading complexes are based, and even the endless dynastic struggle of local rulers could not strongly shake the status of the city. Only Napoleonic wars were able to slightly shake his reputation as a regional center, however, quickly spent during the industrial revolution (in 1882. 100 thousand lived here. residents, and decades later – twice!).

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Cities in Germany Dusseldorf

But the Second World War almost erased on the face of the earth, the once extensive and prosperous city. Endless bombing allies of industrial objects of the city, especially synthetic fuel factories in the area Rysholts (Reisholz), turned Düsseldorf to the ruins, so on April 18, 1945, the American 97th Infantry Division captured him almost without a fight. In 1946, Dusseldorf became the capital of the new federal land North Rhine – Westphalia, and his recovery went rapid pace. As a result, he quickly turned into a major trading center, policies, banking and services, one of the richest cities of the country, a rather extravagant human life, which embodies the economic success of post-war Germany.

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  • Historical houses in the old town
  • Embankment of the Rhine in the modern part of the city

Tourist office Dusseldorfa

City Tourist Office Dusseldorf (WWW.Duesseldorf-Tourismus.DE) is located in Altstadt at the corner of Marktstrasse and Rheinstrasse (all week from 10:00 to 18:00), as well as at the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof, Immermannstrasse, 65b, from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 19:00, Saturdays – from 9:30 to 17:00).

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  • Johanneskirche

Here you can get information and city and events passing in it, as well as take a detailed card with a mini-guide. It is also recommended to acquire a highly useful DüsseldorfCard discount card with the city, which provides an opportunity for unlimited use of the entire tram system and buses, as well as free (or at a reduced price) visits to museums, some restaurants and cafes, various attractions, sports and entertainment events. The daily card per person costs 9 euros, for a family or group – 18 euros, for two days – 14 and 28 euros, respectively, for 3 days – 19 and 38 euros. DüsseldorfCard can also be booked online or purchased in hotels, transport companies, in special machines on the airport and railway stations.

Around Dusseldorf

The location of Düsseldorf in the center of the huge conglomerate of the cities of the Middle Flow of the Rhine, as well as its proximity to the border with Holland and Belgium, turns the city at a convenient starting point for exploring the region. To a large extent, this contributes to an excellently developed transport network, connecting all settlements by a whole system of high-speed highways and railways.

Cities in Germany Dusseldorf

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