Cities in Germany: Dresden

Dresden (first mention – 1206 g.) – Capital and Pearl of Saxony. "Florence on Elbe" called Dresden to the Second World War. As a result of Anglo-American bombing on the night of February 13-14, 1945., Dresden was practically erased from the face of the earth, but today he gradually returns the fame of the global cultural center.

This monument city located on the shores of Elba is famous for many architectural masterpieces, such unique structures such as Rococo church are located Hofkirche (1739-1751.), world famous masterpiece of baroque art – Palace ensemble Zwinger (1710-1722.), Palace Bridge, Capella Castle Torgau, Albertinum, Academy of Arts, Art School And Gothic Creitzkirhe (XV B.).

Opened in 1854. Dresden Gallery, Whose treasures happily avoided the horrors of bombing in the rocky galleries of nearby mountains, discouraged the glory of one of the richest collections of the world. Restored from the ruins and built in the style of Italian Renaissance Opera theatre (1870-1878.). 15 km from Dresden is the famous Maissen Manufactory – Motherland of European White Porcelain. In an open to the public, more than 4 thousand exhibits, telling about the history of this famous brand, are exposed to the publication. You can make any kind of excursion to the surrounding ore mountains that have received name for their picturesque landscapes "Saxon Switzerland".

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Dresden in one day. Golden Rider, Church of Martin Luther, Elbian Castles

Dresden doesn’t seem like too strangers and "Overseas";, in it is some familiar, our spirit. Apparently, this is the influence of Soviet times. Read more →

Senorita angie | Autumn 2016

Cities in Germany Dresden

Famous restaurants Dresden. Sofienkelle

German cuisine is good, and if all this is then beer. This is the most pleasure of people go to the most cult restaurant Dresden – Sofienkeller. Read more →

Irinadob550 | Autumn 2016

For what is worth going to Dresden

Dresden – Saxon Versailles, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Dresden is one of the most affected cities, in World War II, was almost completely destroyed. Read more →

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