Cities in Germany: Calv

The small town of Calw (CALW) lies in 45 km south-east of Karlsruhe and 20 km south of Pforzheim. First mentioned in the annals of 1075, he rose around the old County Castle. In the Middle Ages, he became an important commercial center of the region, goring his fabrics, leather and wood (Nagald River, on which it is worth it is very convenient for the forest alloy from the Schwarzvald slopes), and by the XVI century there has become a summer residence of the Dukes of W├╝rttemberg.

Calv – Convenient starting point for research Schwarzvalda, The focus of numerous shops, restaurants and cafes. But he got fame after all, her motherland Hesse – on Marktplatz, 30 was opened House Museum, famous for the largest collection dedicated to the works of a German writer and artist, the Nobel Prize laureate.

Cities in Germany Calv

Also Calp serves as the simplest starting point to the famous Hirzau Abbey (Kloster Hirsau, in our maps – Hirsau), lying just 2 km north of the city center, almost in his feature. Based by Benedictine in the VIII-XI centuries, it was the largest and most influential monastery on the territory of the current Central Europe, the Center for Church Reforms and Education. After destruction by the French in the XVII century, it has lost its meaning, however, the preserved Chapel of St. Mary (Marienkapelle) and the Soviet Tower (Eulenturm) with a height of 37 meters, built in 1586-1592 by the Duke of W├╝rttemberg Palace (also practically destroyed, but has a very picturesque view), As well as several cellars and medieval service buildings attract thousands of tourists here. Since 1991, an interesting monastery museum has been opened on the territory of the former abbey.

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