Cities in Germany: Bremen

Bremen (enters together with the city of Bremerhaven to the federal land of Bremen as a separate city) lies on the banks of the River Wezer and known as one of the oldest cities of the country.

The center of Bremen is old Market Square With Town Hall (1405-1410.) and Cathedral of St. Peter (XI B.), the city parliament building is found here (1966.), built instead of the old parliament destroyed to the foundation by the Anglo-American bombers, as well as the miracle of the preserved medieval burgher houses and the symbol of the city – 10-meter Sculpture of Roland (1405 g.). Front Town hall (1405-1410., Rebuilt in 1608-1612.) It is a famous sculptural group "The Bremen Town Musicians". The most famous in Bremen Street – Betherthershtrasse, has a length of only 100 m and consists of only 7 buildings of the building of XVII in., which themselves are unique architectural monuments, they have a strawn, three museums, gallery and theater.

Bremen’s sights are also majestic Bremen Cathedral (XI-XIII centuries.) and old street Schnurvater.

Every year in late October, the oldest country festival is held in Bremen – Fraighamct Freimarkt). It is also the largest people’s festival in northern Germany. At the fair with which the holiday begins, 4 million people come together annually.


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Cities in Germany Bremen

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