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The largest city in Germany, its capital and one of the independent federal lands, Berlin (Berlin) is the second population in Europe and the fifth – on the area. This city of the Great and Tragic Fate, who suffered for his story a lot of glorious and bitter minutes. Founded by the Slavic tribes (approximately in the VI-VII centuries. N.NS.) By the XIII century, he is already a major German city, from the XV century – the capital of the Brandenburg marking, and from the XIX century, the United German Empire.

  • View of the central part of Berlin, in the foreground Unter Den Linden
  • Bears on Kurf&# 252; rstendamm 21
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  • Cities in Germany Berlin

After the unification of the Germany, he again returned the once lost capital status and is now one of the largest cultural, economic, scientific and transport centers of the planet. His multinational population, brown nightlife (probably the best in Europe and undoubtedly the most liberal), a huge number of festivals and holidays, many world-class museums and relatively low prices attract many tourists here.

  • Memorial Church of Kaiser Wilhelm
  • View of Potsdamer Platz
  • Water excursion in the city

Berlin Claus Mayor Klaus Wowereit characterized his capacious phrase – "poor but sexy", However, the city boasts other nicknames, very precisely describing its nature, starting with Spree-Athen ("Athens on the spree", The term appeared in the XIX century because of the abundance of museums) and ending "Little Istanbul", What is also not far from the truth. It is unlikely to allocate a small time to study the German capital. Any of the aspects of his life is so extensive that just one month will just go to visit all museums, and acquaintance with his daily life can stretch at all for years.

Hotels Berlin

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Cities in Germany Berlin

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